Herkimer/Montgomery County Queries for April 16 - 30, 1998

Jo Ann Nichols Wed 29 Apr 1998
Researching Adam NICHOLS- lived in Herkimer Co., N.Y. in middle 1800's. Had a son, Hiram Clinton Nichols, born 1849, Lorenzo "Wren" Nichols, born 1832, Eli Nichols, born1840, Elias Nichols, born 1840, and Horatio I., born 1838, all born in Herkimer Co., N.Y. Adam was born 1808, but birthplace is unknown. Adam married Adelia "Nellie" DELL, born 1808 also in Herkimer Co., N.Y. Would appreciate any information you might have. Thank you. Lyle Nichols

Lewis & Sheila Shutts Thu 30 Apr 1998
Researching the surname SHUTTS/SCHUTT etc. in Herkimer & Montgomery Counties. Silas Shutts b. 29 Oct 1807 Canada moved to the Gloversville area. He is said to be a son of Simon Shutts. Please respond to Sheila Shutts at shenace@pacbell.net

Lewis & Sheila Shutts Thu 30 Apr 1998 Researching the surname SHUTTS/SCHUTT etc. in Herkimer & Montgomery Counties. Ebenezer Lewis Shutts is listed in Johnstown 1860 census. I'm trying to establish if he is related. I too have an Ebenezer Lewis Shutts b. 1847 PA, but he was living in Iowa in 1860. The Shutts family originated in New York. Please contact Sheila Shutts at shenace@pacbell.net

Linda (George) Farr Wed 29 Apr 1998
GG-grandfather Richard GEORGE lived in Villa Rica, Georgia and died in1912. One son Albert George, b1900, died 1948 in Villa Rica, Georgia, by his 2nd wife Georgia George. By his first wife, name unknown, he had 4 children: Bessie, Emily, Lucy (George) WHIPPLE, and John. A letter from Lucy Whipple, dated12/4/1911, stated all were married except Emily; also mother died 5 years previous. The return address was Mrs. C.W. Whipple, 31 1/2 Brookside Ave., Amsterdam, N.Y. Again, thanks for any help you can give. Our family is very small now and we are searching for our tree. Linda (George) Farr   Email: Haso8753@aol.com

Jill Austin Tue 28 Apr 1998
Any information on David H. BURRILL and grandfather, Henry? Henry moved to Little Falls when he was a child in 1853. Any information on a John BURRILL of Herkimer? John was born 1797 and died 1847. John's parents were Jacob & Martha REYNOLDS Burrill. Thank you. Jill Austin in NY; E-mail to JILLEAN@aol.com

Dean Hildreth Mon 27 Apr 1998
Enjoyed your site very much. My 3g grandfather, Ozni HILDRETH was born 13 Jul 1794, Herkimer Co., NY. He married Jane STARK 4 Mar 1817 in Oppenheim, NY. He served in the New York Militia during the War of 1812, and he received a pension for this service. Ozni Hildreth's parents were Edward Hildreth and Sarah FARR. They were from Chesterfield, NH and children prior to Ozni were born in NH. I will be happy to answer any correspondence concerning these families and exchange information. Does Oppenheim, NY still exist? Is it in Herkimer or is it in Montgomery county? Ozni Hildreth's wife, Jane Stark, is said to be a grandaughter of the General John Stark of Revolutionary war fame. Does anyone have anything on this? Thank you very much for the opportunity to post this query. (Note: Oppenheim is now part of Fulton County.)

Michael Robinson Mon 27 Apr 1998
Looking for information about the family of Daniel BUCK born 2/28/1737 in Conn. Was a Maj. in the Revolution and later a minister. Married Ann DENTON 12/9/1757, died by 1777. He married 2nd to Olive STEVENS in 8/1777. This family settled in the Mohawk Valley but were driven out by Indians during the 1780's. The family went to Great Bend, Susquehanna Pa. Daniel died there about 1814. Michael Robinson  Email: Ohmfarm@aol.com

Don Cox Mon 27 Apr 1998
I am looking for the birthplace of Warren P. MILLER who was born in New York State about July 23,1820. His father=Peter and mother=Elizabeth, both of them born in NY State. There is a Peter Miller with a boy under the age of five in the 1820 Census in both Herkimer (Warren) and Montgomery (Minden). Is there any way to discover if either of these are the right one?

Ermine Payne Sun 26 Apr 1998
I am trying to locate parents of my gr-grandmother Tryphena TAYLOR born 5 Feb 1833 in Herkimer County. She married Ambrose D. TURNER in IL 1856. She taught school in 1849 in Sheboygan WI, so she must have been born in Herkimer and the family moved on to WI. Please let me know if you find a record of her parents in that year and charges for the search. Thank you. Ermine Biester Payne in FL (Note: Dear Ermine and everyone: The Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb is a volunteer project put together mainly by folks who do not live in the county, such as myself. We do not do research on families other than our own and prepare and maintain the site as a hobby. For searches and fees please contact the appropriate historical society listed on our historical societies page.)

Barbara Haney Martinez Sat 25 Apr 1998
I am looking for information on the WEAVERs who lived for a time in Fairfield, Herkimer Co. Apparently they are interned in Frankfort Cemetary. The individuals I am interested include: Joseph Russell Weaver [1810-1894]; John R Weaver [1838-1911] and his wife Barbara [1842-1924]; Peter Weaver [1801-18 May 1832] and his wife Catherine [1795-19 Feb 1885] 89y 6m; John H Weaver [1845-1892] and his wife Mary POTTER [1848-1915]; Rev John R Weaver [1776-1861] 85 y -; William W Weaver [Sep 1859-26 Dec 1880]; Josephine Weaver [1883-1925]. Barbara Haney Martinez   Email:mlm@mosquitonet.com

Mary Pardo Sat 25 Apr 1998
Looking for information on Cornelius or Nicholas WISER. 1788 Tax List Canajoharie District or Montgomery Bail Book. Thank you. Mary Pardo; Email: mpardo@voyager.net

Bonnie Harris Thu 23 Apr 1998
I am researching CASLER/ KESSLER surnames in the Herkimer/Little Falls area. I am trying to find info on Katherine (Catherine) Ann Casler/Kessler born Sept. 2, 1826. She married a William Willard WATCHOUS and move to Jefferson Co. Wisconsin and later to Chase Co. Ks. where they raised 7 children. Any info would be appreciated. Bonnie Harris, 14 Allen Loop, Bay City, TX; Email:Chance1@sat.net

Gary Dufel Tue 21 Apr 1998
Researching DUFEL family from Tribes Hill, Fonda, Glen, Amsterdam. 4 siblings arrived from Hille, Westphalia, Germany between 1873 and 1182: Henry C. Dufel, Frederick C. Dufel, Marie Dufel SCHUBE, Louise Dufel BOOK. Looking for family records, photos, stories, of family. I have family tree info back to 1700 and willing to share with family and researchers. Gary Dufel, Danbury, CT Email:duf@i84.net

Dana O'Meara Mon 20 Apr 1998
NEUHOFF/NIEHOFF/NIHOFF: Looking for any variation of this name 1800-1850 Palatine and Minden areas. Dana O'Meara; Email: omeara@chesapeake.net

Christopher Andrews Tue 21 Apr 1998
Hello- I'm looking for information on Patty CONANT. Her parents were Timothy Conant and Rhoda LYON (LYONS). Patty was born in Warren, Herkimer Co., NY. Her birth date was May 6, 1806. Her brothers and sisters were:

Reverend Daniel Marshall Conant: b. Feb.19,1796
Timothy B. Conant: b. Sept 22, 1798
Chester Conant: b. Sept 27, 1800
Aaron L. Conant: b. July 18, 1802
Rhoda Conant: b. July 4, 1804
Almeda Conant: b. Feb 23, 1808
Lewis Conant: b. Oct 12, 1812

I can provide more information on the family if anyone has any questions. Thank-you, Chris Andrews; Email: Candr82@idt.net

Dana O'Meara Mon 20 Apr 1998
Looking for GANGLOFF surname 1828-1850 in the Minden and Palatine areas. Dana O'Meara; Email: omeara@chesapeake.net

Amy Higgins Tull Mon 20 Apr 1998
Looking for any information on the LEAHY / LAHEY / LAYHE family of Little Falls in Herkimer Co. My ggg-grandmother was buried in Little Falls sometime before 1870. Her maiden name was HAWES / HAWE and she was from the Parish of Grenagh in Co. Cork, Ireland. Unfortunately her son, Daniel Leahy, deserted his family (my family) in Boston and with him went the link to the family in New York. If anyone has any information on this family I would appreciate hearing from you. Amy Higgins Tull; Email: DATULL@aol.com

Joann Weiner Mon 20 Apr 1998
I am currently researching my family name of Cunningham. I am particularly interested in Edward CUNNINGHAM born 1/5/1894. His Father was James born 1/1/1849. Mother was Mary KEEGAN born 1859. Residence was St. Johnsville N.Y. Any information would be appreciated. Anyone descended from this family please feel free to reply. Email: Jwalker@ntcnet.com

Linda Kreisher Sun 19 Apr 1998
I am currently doing research on our family, which consists of both the MARLATT/MARLETT name and also the FONDA name. In reading the stories regarding our Marlett family, I came across the name "Marlett's Bush". I didn't see this name on your list, and I was hopeful that you might be able to recognize it, and if it did exist, where would it have been located? Thank you for your help.....The Montgomery site has provided pages upon pages of information regarding the Marlett and Fonda families. Best Regards, Linda Kreisher

Wright Truesdell Fri 17 Apr 1998
Justus TRUESDELL lived near Florida in Montgomery County 1795-1805. His son Timothy was born 1793 and lived in Montgomery Cty until he moved to Wisconsin in 1860. His son William Henry was b. abt 1837, moved to Wisc with father. Timothy was m. to Clarissa BILLINGS (dau Caleb & Eliz.) William H. married Eliza BENNETT (dau Abijah & Eliza). Looking for any info, esp. Timothy birth recs or anything on Bennetts or Billings.

Pat ESS Harter Fri 17 Apr 1998
My husband David HARTER is descended from Lorentz HERTHER that was a patentee in Burnetsfield, patent granted April 30, 1725 in the Mohawk Valley. His acreage was on the south side of the river near "what is now Fort Herkimer in the town of German Flats". Looking for anyone descended from Lorentz. Pat ESS Harter; Email: 810677@ican.net

Angel Smith Wed 15 Apr 1998
My name is Angel and I am looking for information on a company named the Standard Furniture Co. I am in possession of a desk that was purchased in an auction from the Chrysler Corp. A tag in one of the drawers identifies this company as the manufacturer but I can't seem to find anyone who can tell me anything about it. I would like to be able to date this desk. Can you give me the name of anyone who might know anything of the history of this company? Thank you.

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