Herkimer/Montgomery County Queries
August 1 - 15, 1998

Nadine Blot Fri 14 Aug 1998
I am searching for information on the following families. All that lived in the town of Herkimer: CELIO, AIELLO, MANIERI, SERVADIO, and VALLESE. Also, the NOVOGURSKI family from Dolgeville, New York. Also the name CATRICALA, but I am unsure of where they lived.

My great-grandfather Pio CELIO, born 23 March, 1885 in Colonnello, Italy. He came to the US in 1910, and went back to Italy to marry Giovina VALLESE, born 1 June, 1885 in Tortoreto, Italy. They married on 27 December, 1912, also in Tortoreto, Italy. They had seven children all born in Herkimer.

My great-grandfather Americo MANIERI, born 22 November, 1891 in Palazzo S Girvasio, Italy. He came to the US in 1909, and was married to Clementina SERVADIO, born 22 September, 1891 in Arpoli, Italy. They had four children, with one being born in Italy, and the other three all in Herkimer.

My great grandfather Natale AIELLO, born 1890, in Chiavari, Italy. He married Caroline CATRICALA, born 1885 in Italy. They had four children, two born in Herkimer, two in Italy.

My great-grandfather Peter Leo NOVOGURSKI, born 27 June, 1886 in Lodz, Russia (now Poland). He came to the US in 1907. He was married to Mary Agnes CZERWIEC, born 1886 in Stasaw, Russia(now Poland). They had ten children all born in Dolgeville, New York.

If anyone has information on any of these family names, I would be most thankful to hear from you. Please let me know as I am trying to find siblings of my great-grandparents. Thank you.

Nicole Marie Narrin Spangler Fri 14 Aug 1998
I am searching for infomation on a Peter NAIRN listed in the 1790 U.S Census in Caughnawaga. I have no further info on him. His son, Peter Nairn/NARRIN, would have been born in 1777/78, married a Caterine STALL 29 Dec 1803 at the Prsbyterian Church, Johnstown, Fulton Co. They had three sons, William Jacob Lusk Narrin, John Stall Narrin, & Dewitt Clinton Narrin. In 1838 these four families came to Michigan, settling in Groveland Twp., Oakland Co. I am specifically interested in finding info on the death of the senior Peter Nairn. I suspect that he died between 1790 and 1800, as he does not show up in the 1800 census, but his son does. I am curious about the Caughnawaga Cemetery listed on this site. Does anyone have those records available to them? Nicole Marie Narrin Spangler.

Arthur C. Groth Fri 14 Aug 1998
CHUBA, John George married Anna Elizabeth EDDY in Little Falls, Herkimer Co, NY sometime before the birth of their first child, Mary Ella Chuba, 27 Feb, 1897. Would like the specific date and more information about the parents of John George and Anna Elizabeth. Art Groth.

Luana Halliday Fri 14 Aug 1998
Seeking information on a Tanneke Van BUREN birth date unknown. Married Joseph Yates BRADT in 1796 in Fonda, Montgomery Co. New York. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Luana Halliday.

Kathy Brockway Thu 13 Aug 1998
Ottilia FREUND - Upon reading the article, her name hit a chord. Upon checking, Ottilia was my 6xG-grandmother on my mother's side! I would love to get that rose! I have checked rose catalogs with a friend who happens to be a professional grower and her friend who is starting an antique rose business. They could not be 100% certain of the variety from available catalogs. Could someone please help me? Kathy. (Note: see article "Ottilia's Moss Rose" in our Women's Section)

Hayes Hendricks Wed 12 Aug 1998
I am researching surnames including HEGEMAN/HAGERMAN, JOHNSON and PALMER. I've located these folks in Fulton and Saratoga Counties, but had never thought of Montgomery until today when I was searching a map for Vischer Ferry and came across the towns of Hagaman and Johnson in northeast Montgomery County. I found and searched the NYGenWeb site, which led me to the Herkimer and Montgomery Counties website, where I found only a little info on Amsterdam, a database of the Hagaman Cemetery (which had no recognizable names) and reference to a gentleman whose family came to the area from Dutchess County, as my Hegemans did. Can you suggest any books, websites or other resources that might help me? I'm interested in the history of the towns of Hagaman and Johnson, and where their settlers came from. Would also appreciate names of anyone also researching these surnames. Thanks! Hayes Hendricks, Lakeview, Arkansas

Arthur C. Groth Wed 12 Aug 1998
Hello: Could you give me some advice on how to find the marriage date of my great grandparents, John George CHUBA and Anna Elizabeth EDDY? They were supposedly married in Little Falls around 1896. My Uncle told me that Herkimer records were destroyed in a fire, but I don't know how true that is. I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Thank you for your time. Art Groth.

RoseAnne Kirby Wed 12 Aug 1998
SPONENBURGH, SPAINENBURGH, SPONENBERG: Jacob is the ancestral name that I am researching. It is beleived that thefamily first came to Fonda in the late 1700's and then were listed in the Herkimer Co. census later on. Jacob married in either Herkimer or Fonda. I have made a search of the churches in both areas, and surrounding area, but I could not find any record of a marriage for him or for two of his children who were born in NYS: Mary Catherine--1827; Elizabeth--1832. It appears that Jacob, at some point between 1832 and 1830 migrated to IL and MO. Both Elizabeth and Mary Catherine marry 2 brothers: Robert and Abner Boyd. Can you help me at all? RoseAnne Kirby

Gary Dufel Wed 12 Aug 1998
Researching Gustov DEZUR. Born near Minden, Westphalia, Germany 1840's. Came to US and in about 1876 married Marie DUFEL, from Hille, Westphalia. They lived in Town of Florida and Amsterdam. She died 1910, he died a few years later. One daughter Caroline Dezur Friday; two other children died young.

Thomas W. Johnston, Jr. Mon 10 Aug 1998
Almira Ann STALL was born in Fairfield, Herkimer County in 1807. Shemarried Thomas JOHNSON about 1825 and they set up housekeeping in Ephratah(originally Montgomery County and later Fulton County). Am interested inanything related to the above which can be provided, especially Almira's ancestry.

Robert Foster Sun 9 Aug 1998
Leonardt HAAS married Anna YERKES ca 1911 and lived in Dolgeville until he died in about 1937. I have very little information on him other than they did have one son (Leo William). I would welcome any information. Bob Foster.

Judy Bushey Sun 9 Aug 1998
I am trying to finding genealogical information on my dad's family. The family name of GOODCOURAGE is not common so that sometimes has helped out. Per the 1790 census, John Goodcourage, was listed as head of household living in Mohawk, Montgomery county NY. He had 1 male child under 16 yrs of age. and two daughters. From the Revolutionary pension info, he died July 25, 1807 in Montgomery County and his wife, Sally, died in 1838 at age 76 in Amsterdam. Do you know of any way I could find out more information about them, i.e., where John was born (?US); where he lived in Mohawk, did his children marry. I really would like to find out about his parents and what country they are from. I am new to the family search. Any information or direction is appreciated. Judy Bushey. Thank you.

Mary Ross Sun 9 Aug 1998
My great-grandparents were married in Newport, NY in 1866. Their names were Jeremiah HASSETT and Bridget O'DONOVAN. I assume they were married in a Catholic church in Newport. They had two children while in Newport -- Mary and Cornelius. They eventually settled in Crawford County, Iowa. I am interested in finding marriage records, birth or baptism records for Mary and Con, or, possibly a death record for Jeremiah's mother Margaret FLAHIVE HASSETT (uncertain if she came to this country). Mary Ross

Jim Stickle Sun 9 Aug 1998
Searching for family of Asahel LEWIS, born abt 1800 in Montgomery Cty. Any info appreciated. Thanks. Jim Stickle

Charles D. Gates Sat 8 Aug 1998
Looking for information on my gg-grandfather. His name was Joseph D.? GATES, b. abt. 1830, m. abt 1850 to Mary Jane (Last Name unk.). Family history says he lived was born and raised in Elm, NJ. I'm having serious doubts. Joseph had at least three children, Henrietta (Nettie), Mary, and Herman Benton Gates (my g-gf). Herman was born in either Elm, NJ or Williamsport, PA on 09/19/1858, Henrietta was older.

Herman, at least went to Frankfort, West Hill, Ilion and N. Ilion for a good number of years. His children were, Clayton Herman (b. 1895 in Ilion), Joseph Orrin (b. 1899 in Ilion or FL) , George Lewis (b. 1891 in Atlantic City) and Mabel Jane (b. 1886 in Winslow, NJ) By 1905 the whole tribe minus Joseph was in FL. If anyone can help me with this conundrum, please supply marriage, census, or any other facts. Thanks for everything. Charles D. Gates

Don Boyd Sat 8 Aug 1998
William W. SCHEURER was born in 1846 in Herkimer County. He married my gg-grandmother, Caroline TRIEM, in Illinois and sometime thereafter changed the spelling of his name to SHIRER. They lived in La Porte City and Mt. Vernon, Iowa. I'd like to hear from anyone who has information on parents or siblings of William. Don Boyd Email DonBnFborn@aol.com

Susan Monaghan Sat 8 Aug 1998
Daniel Levi KLOCK was born 8 April 1838 in Montgomery Co., NY. FHC records indicate that he was the son of Daniel D. Klock and Nancy ALTER, who married 26 Dec 1833 in the Reformed Dutch Church at Ft. Plain, Montgomery Co., NY. In early manhood, Daniel Levi traveled west and lived in St. Clair, Macoupin, and Menard Counties, IL. He married in 1860 in Macoupin Co., IL to Mary Anna Dosia Sawyer and had 4 children. Supposedly Daniel Levi Klock had a brother, Sylvester who owned a kid glove factory at Yorktown, NY, as well as a half sister named Julia. Family tradition has linked the family to Gloversville, St. Johnsville, and Yorktown, NY. Need confirmation of family group. Seek ancestry, descendants, and any pertinent information on this family group.

Sheila Strickland Fri 7 Aug 1998
I am interested in exchanging information with others researching the ancestors and descendants of Anna PEACOCK (1783-1851). Anna Peacock was born in Burlington Co, NJ, the daughter of Adonijah Peacock and Sarah VOORHEES. Since Anna's husband, William BAIRD is believed to have moved to Montgomery Co in 1796 (age 15) then perhaps Anna Peacock was also in Montgomery Co and perhaps they were married in Montgomery Co. Anna and William Baird had twelve children born in Montgomery Co, the first being William Baird (Jr) born in 1804, and then moved on to Lysander, Onondaga Co, NY. In addition to the marriage record, I am searching for Anna Peacock's brothers and sisters. Sheila Strickland

Sheila Strickland Fri 7 Aug 1998
I am interested in exchanging information with others researching the ancestors and descendants of William BAIRD (1781-1866). William Baird along with his parents and some brothers & sisters, from Somerset Co, NJ, moved to Charleston/Glen area of Montgomery County circa 1796. William's parents, Major William Baird (1744-1830) and Catalina HOAGLAND (1753-1817), are buried in Charleston Baptist Church Cemetery, Charleston, Montgomery Co, NY. William married Anna PEACOCK (1783-1851) perhaps in Montgomery Co. William and Anna Baird had twelve children born in Montgomery Co , the first being William Baird (Jr) in 1804, and then moved on to Lysander, Onondaga Co, NY. Sheila Strickland

Dale E. Smith Thu 6 Aug 1998
I am looking for information re: Peter STEWART. 1783: Peter was born in Coilantage, Parish Calendar, Scotland. Peter and Elizabeth Buckmaster were married circa 1823-1824 in Montgomery Co., NY. The following children were christened at the United Presbyterian Church of Broadalbin, Perth, Fulton, New York: Edward, John and Mary in October, 1832; George in Feb 1833; Malcom in Sep 1834; and Catherine in Aug 1836.

After completing his work on the Erie Canal, Peter was instrumental in building (founding?) the Auburn Seminary. He then worked as an enginner in designing the Navy Yards (in Baltimore?) Peter came to Wilmington, IL in c 1833, founded the town of Wilmington, and established and built the Wilmington Presbyterian Church. While in IL, he brought many relatives over from Scotland, some settling in the Montgomery Co. area. I do not have the names of parents for either Peter or Elizabeth.

I would appreciate anyone having leads or information on Mr. Stewart e-mailing me information. Thank you for establishing a great gen-web site. Sincerely, Dale E. Smith.

Lynn Weeden Thu 6 Aug 1998
Looking for David EIGENBROAD of Minden, Montgomery Co., mar. to Maria ____. Father of at least two children, including Mary Hanah b. 29 Mar 1827. Was mar. to Maria ____ and/or Mary Deleverge, 3 Jun 1827. (Yes, those dates are correct!). David had an illegitimate daughter, Miranda, by Miranda Ford. David's father was possibly Joseph Eigenbroad b. ca 1786, d. Minden NY 15 Jun 1840.

Edith Lillie Bartley Thu 6 Aug 1998
Henry BARTLEY removed from Canada to Amsterdam, NY, where he died 8 July 1887. Need place of birth, names of parents, wife and children. Thanks.

Mary B. Cohen Thu 6 Aug 1998
Jotham CHAPIN m. Ann WAITE, Winfield. Searching for parents and families of my 4th gr-grandparents, Jotham Chapin and Ann Waite. Jotham was one of the pioneers of Winfield, and had a daughter, Selinda, b. 1798, m. Samuel Stewart PALMER in Otsego Co. Jotham's son, Loring married Sara BRACE. S.S. Palmer's daughter married Samuel B. GAY . I especially need family links of these surnames in the Herkimer, Montgomery and Otsego Co. areas. Mohawk Valley is the central area. Thank you! Mary B. Cohen

Rick Spangler Fri 6 Aug 1998 (sent in Fri 24 Jul 1998)
I am looking for death records of an ancestor listed in the 1790 census in Caughnawaga Town, Montgomery Co., NY. The name is Peter NAIRN. I have been unable to locate him in any other census and believe him to have died in NY between 1790 and 1810. I noticed that there was a Caughnawaga Cemetery listed on your page. Is there any further information available?

Ann Stadden Fri 6 Aug 1998 (sent in Fri 24 Jul 1998)
BLIGH, Warren: had a son Martin Van BUREN born September 29th, 1833 New York America. Married in 186? at Truro Cornwall England. Spouse is Octavia Louisa PASSENGHAM. Need moreon Warren or Martin. Ann Stadden

Mary B. Cohen Wed 5 Aug 1998
My 4th Gr.-grandfather, Jotham CHAPIN, married to Ann WAITE, had daughter, Selinda, born 1797 in Mohawk Valley, Herkimer Co. Selinda married Samuel Stuart PALMER in Otsego Co. NY, c. 1818. The Palmers and other ancestral family lines emigrated from England in 17th C., and were from, and often founders of Voluntown, Stonington, (New London) and Hartford, CT; Portsmouth and Newport, RI; Charlestown, Gloucester, Milton, Barnstable, Hingham, Scituate and Boston, MA; and Westchester, NY. Other related Chapins are probably Loring, married Sarah BRACE; Israel, married Elizabeth WARNER; Elijah, married Thankful BILLINGS, and Woodruf, married Frances L. ADSIT.

Ginger DanielsTue 4 Aug 1998
DANIELS, John found in 1820 census for Palatine. Richard was born in 1819 and listed parents as John and Abigail Daniels of Palatine, Montgomery Co. , NY. Would like to know more about John Daniels, his parents, siblings, etc. Ginger Daniels

Sandy Carneiro Tue 4 Aug 1998
MEYERS / MYERS / MOYERS: Isaac & Catharine 8 Mar1832 they were married in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in Herkimer. Need to find out who their children were and did they move to Virginia by 1850. Sandy Carneiro

Debby Staley Tue 4 Aug 1998
I would like information on my great-grandfather, Martin. P. STALEY and his wife Minnie. Martin was from Amsterdam. Minnie either was born here, or came with her parents from England. If you have any information, let us share. Thanks. Debby Staley

Daniel Goetz Tue 4 Aug 1998
MOYER, Lodowick, b. 1762 in Germany, resided in Fairfield, Herkimer Co. Revolutionary Soldier. Need names of his children & grandkids. Daniel GOETZ

Frank Grimshaw Sun 2 Aug 1998
Delighted to have found you. I've been searching for my ancestor Smith GRIMSHAW, born March 12, 1902, who lived in Newport, Herkimer Co. New York. His wife's name was Mary, born August 13, 1905. I don't know her maiden name. Their children's names were Delbert, Allen, Frank,Francis, Thomas, Marion, and Irene. My name is Frank Grimshaw and Smith was my grandfather. Any Help with the family history would be appreciated.

Frank Grimshaw Sun 2 Aug 1998
Looking for ancestor's and siblings of Duane BRONSON born July 24, 1902. His wife's name was Mary ____ , born August 29,1904. He was maternal grandfather and I hope someone can help me. Thank you, Frank Grimshaw

Marilyn Allis Sun 2 Aug 1998
Interested in information about BURRELL: (from Gravestones, Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Rt. 29)
Jonathan Burrell, d. 30 Dec 1835 in his 79th year (gravestone)
2nd wife, Lucinda, d. 17 Jun 1839, age 73
Children by first wife include: William F. Burrell, d. 1 Oct 1854 and his wife Sarah H., d. 26 Nov 1844

Electa Burrell Stebbins, d. 30 Aug 1862 and her husband John, d. 25 Apr 1847

Children by second wife include:
(from Gravestone at Church St. Cemetery, Little Falls)
Harry, b. 28 Nov 1797, d. 5 Mar 1879 (and lots of family)
(Info from Herkimer Historical Society Files)
Seymour, 2 May 1816, age 16
Sarah, d. 19 Sep 1825, age 21

Ginger Sun 2 Aug 1998 Subject: Re: Benjamin Lane and wife Almira Booth: I'm writing about my grandmother Hattie May Ellis COUCH's side of the Family. Her mother Roseathea Amelia LANE md. James A. Ellis 15 Mar 1864. Roseathea was dau. of Laura Cordellia ISHAM and Addison Kirpatrick Lane. Laura was b. Vt 1822. Addison was born Hamilton, Madison Co, N. Y. 1821. His parents Benjamin Lane and Almira BOOTH per Isham's of England to America. I have not been able to trace the Lanes and Booth's any further back. Time 1820 census in Herkimer Co. New York state. My family has tried for over 100 yrs to find death place and yr of James A. Ellis .

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