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January 8, 1997 -Nancy Meyers' Bierman/Getmann query
July 15, 1997 - David Bishop's Hahn/Hawn query
Joanne Pezzullo, JPezzu4991@aol.com, left a detailed query regarding the SEAMANS family. Jim Rubins would like to contact her.

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Carol Berning Sun 23 Aug 1998
I'm looking for information about John BOWMAN who lived on a farm in Auriesville. He had two daughters, Katharine and Carrie. Katharine married Frederick William BERNING. Carried married Christopher SCHWENKER. John would have lived there early/middle 1800's. I would also be interested in who John's wife was. Carol Berning  Email: berningc@worldnet.att.net

Lynda & Bernard Ozinga Fri 21 Aug 1998
Looking for information on Alice FLANSBURG, her parents William Flansburg, Mary FOLKETT Flansburg, her brother John Flansburg, or her 2 sisters (first names unknown) later known as Mrs. Will JOHNSON of Morville KS, and Mrs MALSO of Morville, KS. Alice was born in Central NY, possibly Herkimer Co. in 1855. She moved with her family to Illinois in 1856 and died in 1918 leaving the above survivors. She was my gr. grandmother, married to Charles A. WHIPPLE, also from Herkimer NY, also born there in 1854, his parents Russell William Whipple, and Mary ALLEN Whipple. He also moved to Illinois in 1856. Can find no record on these people anywhere and noticed you had quite a few Flansburgs in your cemetery page - none parents of Alice Flansburg, or John that I could see. Thanks for anything you might have!!! Lynda & B.J. Ozinga Email:Ozlyn@egl.net

Phil Roblee Thurs 20 Aug 1998
Seeking information about DAVIES/ DAVIS. An ancestor summarizing 3 generations of Davies/Davis wrote (circa 1900), "In 1796 Davieses came to what is now Newport, Herkimer Co., NY from Pembrokeshire, South Wales...In 1800 some Davises arrived there from Pennsylvania." [note the inclusion of "e" in the first reference to Davies, and tha exclusion of "e" in the second. Both names are of interest because of a marriage between Davies and Davis is in my line.]

Of the DAVIES Line, he writes: "I don't know when John B. Davies and Margaret EYNON arrived there [Newport, Herkimer Co.], but he became naturalized in the 1830s..."

Of the DAVIS Line, he writes: "John Davis and Maria, his wife (birthplace unknown) lived and died near Newport, about 15 miles from Utica [birthdates of John and Maria estimated to be circa 1790]. Had eight children, Noah, Thomas, John, James, Elizabeth, Elinor, Esther, and Mary. John married Margaret CRUIKSHANK ; James married Levina HASKIN ; Elizabeth married Dan THOMAS ; Elinor married John THOMAS ; Esther married Ben DAVIS [Davies]; Mary married Thos. DREW of Utica..."

My ancestors removed to Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., NY and Allegany Co., NY. ANY information about the Herkimer County DAVIS/DAVIES families would be greatly appreciated. E-mail addresses: (1) roblee.2@osu.edu, (2) robleep@strsoh.org Thank you. Phil Roblee, Western New Yorker at heart, Columbus, Ohio.

Lorna Toti Thurs 20 Aug 1998 I just found the NY web site. I have been working many years to locate my PRICE family. William Henry Price is said to have been born (or lived) in Herkimer Co., NY abt 1824. I found him with a wife and children in NYC in 1850 and in 1875 he was in Iowa and atlas mentions him as being from Herkimer Co. NY. Do you know where I might learn about the Price's from Herkimer Co.? I am so frustrated. He married a Harriet Alma BURTIS, possibly in NYC I don't really know. Thank you for your time. Lorna Toti

Dale Becker Wed 19 Aug 1998
I am researching my family history. My great-greatgrandfather, Abraham BECKER, was born in the Herkimer County area in 1803, possibly in the German Flats or Little Falls area. His father was named Adam Becker, and he was married to an Effie Ann or Effan GERLOCK or GARLOCK. There the trail goes cold. I noted a Henry Becker in the 1790 Census Records. Do you have any other information on other members of his family, descendants, etc.? I will look forward to hearing from you. Sincere Regards, Dale Becker, 107 Mark Jensen Lane, Polson, Montana 59860   dmbecker@digisys.net

Kevin L. Turpening Wed 19 Aug 1998
Peter I. TURPENING, Town of Columbia Jurors list for 1813. Could you help on where to search for his place and date of birth. Thank you very much. Kevin L. Turpening

Kim Casselman Tue 18 Aug 1998
Looking for information regarding my Great Grandfather Harry WARN. I am sure that he was born in Herkimer County the relocated to Syracuse in the late 1800's. Harry married Grace HITCHINGS Warn (late 1800's). They had two daughters Iantha Warn who died at the age of 21 and Georgia Mae Warn SCHLERATH (my grandmother). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kim Casselman

C. Gervais Tue 18 Aug 1998
We are looking for the family of Ralph RATHBUN, born on 2/26/14 in Newport, New York. Father was George Rathbun and mother was Edna BARNES Rathbun. Also looking for the family of Mildred SCULLION Rathbun born on 6/24/15 in Herkimer, New York. Father was Harold Scullion and mother was Hellen WOODWORTH Scullion.

George M. Hanes Tue 18 Aug 1998
Henry HANES, my ggg-grandfather, may have been born in Montgomery County or Herkimer County around 1808. He migrated to Pennsylvania at some later date. I am interested in any information on any Hanes who may have lived in this area sometime around 1800-1810. Thanks. George Hanes, PO Box 653, Claysville, PA 15323 email: Georgeh@mlynk.com

Donna Lewis Tue 18 Aug 1998
We are doing family research and my father was Dominick D. GUIDO of Mohawk, originally from Utica and Litchfield area. I have much family still in Mohawk and Herkimer and would like some older information. Second surname we are researching on my side is LICARI, Samuel and Calogera of Frankfort NY from about 1910 to the 70s. Still have lots of Licari's there also. Thank you, Donna Lewis

Peter Cross Tues 18 Aug 1998
Lydia Miller Cross moved to Salisbury, marrying Sylvester GREENE there in 1833. I need her ancestors. Also researching Luther CROSS, who died in Glen in 1884. Thank you!!

Peter Cross Mon 17 Aug 1998
I am looking for info and have some to share on DEGRAFF family from Fonda Area having begun in Schenectady prior . They lived in Danoscara Place. Peter Cross, Email:ppcross@aol.com

Ken Warkentin Sun 16 Aug 1998
Searching for information about Boz Brown DRAPER or his descendants. He was born in Boxborough Mass in 1775. Son of Boston Draper. He moved to Herkimer NY about 1800. He had 12 children all believed to be born in Herkimer. The children were Sallie b. Feb 22, 1802, Samuel, Jerome, Olive, Mary Ann, Franklin, Benjamin, Ari, Elizabeth,John, Betsy, and Tryphena. Thank you. Ken Warkentin  email:warke@mountain-inter.net

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