September 22, 2001: a Silver Wedding Anniversary Invitation for John S. Quackenbush and Margaret V. Wemple, and Constable John V. Davis' 1859 receipt for turning in Charles Phillips to the Montgomery County Jail.

1859           1884

Silver Wedding

You are respectfully invited to attend the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Quackenbush

Monday Evening, March 3rd, 1884,
at 7 o'clock
Fonda, N.Y.

John S. Quackenbush                     Margaret V. Wemple

The next document is a small narrow rag paper receipt that says:



Charles Phillips

I hereby certify that I have received Charles
Phillips from J.V. Davis
Constable, this 23 day of June 1859.
      D.W.C. Johnson
            Keeper of Montgomery county Jail.

Listed in the 1869 Gazetteer under Town of Mohawk are the following:

Davis, John V. (Fonda) Davis & Fisher, saloon
Johnson, D.W.C. (Fonda) prop. of Franklin House, Main

Also listed on our site:
Old Johnstown Road, Fonda, N.Y.

John V. 1827-1874
Sarah Wemple - wife of John V. 1832-1908

June 2, 2001: Two personal letters. The first letter appears to be a courting letter addressed to an unknown woman who Luman R. Bowdish took a fancy to. There was no envelope. The second is in a 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" envelope, unstamped, that may have been hand-delivered. The writer Florence W. Seeber, from her sweet tone and subject matter, appears to have been a teenager.

        Charleston 4 Corners
                May 9th 1882

Dear Madam!

        You may be somewhat surprised at receiving a letter from me but please excuse the breach of etiquette. I write this to ask the privilage of coming to see you a week from next Sunday it being May 21st; I write now that I may receive the reply, (if it be your will), before the time set for my coming should your answer be a favorable one;

        I meant to have spoken to you concerning it at C. but circumstances prevented me from doing so.

"What is the blooming tincture of the skin,
To peace of mind and harmony within?
What the bright sparkling of the finest eye,
To the soft soothing of a calm reply?

        Hoping to hear from you. I remain as ever

        Your Friend and Servant
                Luman R. Bowdish

Envelope with no stamp is addressed to:

Miss Belle Warner
Ames, New York
Montg. Co.

My dear Belle.

    Your letter was very nice and I was glad to hear from you.

    I am glad you like to come to school. I like my school and all the scholars very much.

    Are you going to your Grandmas's for Christmas dinner or are you going to have a dinner at home? I expect to go to Grandma Seebers, -- Won't you be glad when Christmas comes?

    How are your plants getting along? Have they many flowers on? My Christmas cactus is full of buds and will soon be quite pretty.

    When your Grandma Scott moves you must come to see her and then make me a visit. You come some time and I will ask Edith and Laura down to visit me at the same time.

    I like to take music lessons and enjoy practicing.

    Write to me again,

    Yours Sincerely.
        Florence W. Seeber

Mapletown, N.Y.
    Dec. 7, 1899.

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