Cemetery Street, Fonda NY

Montgomery County, NY

This reading of the Old Fonda Cemetery was donated by Linda Jasztal and read by Violet D. Fallone, Montgomery County Historian in 1989. This listing contains the earliest Montgomery County burials we have on the site, surnames representing very early families, all mentioned elsewhere on this site or the queries boards. We don't know the exact geographic location by the fairgrounds where the burials were from. For more information about these early residents, please visit, or order a search from, the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, N.Y.


Fonda - moved 1980 from Graveyard east of the Montgomery County Agriculture Society Fair Grounds


John Fonda 1740-1815
Dow I. Fonda 1785-1815
Henry I. Fonda 1783-1832
Catherine Fonda 1819-1821
Catherine Ann Fonda 1822-1831
Caty Fonda 1798-1810
Henry Salsbury 1795-1855
Douwe Fonda 1769-1772


Elizabeth McGown 1829-1832
Jacob Hardenberg 1760-1806
Sarah Hardenberg 1762-1811
Judy Hardenberg 1801-1819
Caty Maria Searl 1803-1803
John Wemple 1778-1814
Rachel Wemple 1772-1795
Andrew Wemple 1769-1813

Copied by Violet D. Fallone, Historian/RMO
Montgomery County (March 23, 1989)

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