Town of Mohawk

Montgomery County, NY

This annotated listing of members of the distinguished Sammons family was contributed by researcher Scott Sammons. The Town of Mohawk is in Montgomery County.

"Thank you for your interest in the Sammons Family Cemetery. The cemetery is located on Old Trail Road just off Route 30 about 2 miles south of Johnstown. I believe it's just inside of the Town of Mohawk. I myself found a typed transcript in the Old Court House in Fonda, NY. I have since taken the transcript and went stone by stone and checked it as well as shot video tape. The typed copy I sent you is my verified trancript using the original copy on file at the court house to reference only very hard to read stones. I have done this 3-5 years ago. If you need any more information feel free to contact me. I have a lot of info on the Sammons and would like to help more if I can."

Scott W. Sammons

Inscriptions from the Sammons Private Cemetery

About 2 miles South of Johnstown, N.Y.
by Scott William Sammons of Kingston, Ulster Co., New York

Large Monument:

South Side - dates 1756 - 1776 - 1861: Col. Simeon Sammons, a union soldier of the Civil War. Harpers Ferry, Maryland Heights, Bolivar Heights, West Point, Drury's Bluff, Olustee, Cold Harbor, Chickahominy, Cemetery Hill, Petersburgh.

East Side - Col. Simeon Sammons, grandson of Sampson and the son of Thomas born 5/23/1811 died 3/9/1881. He recruited, equipped and commanded the 115th Regt. NY Vol. was wounded in the battle of Olustee, was in a series of battles at the siege of Petersburg and at the springing of the mine (Burnside) at that place, where he leaped over the parapet, caught up the standard and planted it in triumph on the works of the enemy. He was again wounded at the battle of Cemetery Hill, and served Montgomery Co. NY. in the legislature and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1868.

Major Stephen Sammons, son of Thomas Sammons born 11/5/1814 and died 8/27/1879. Lawyer, Editor and Major of the 153rd Regt. NY Vol. serving through the Civil War with distinction.

Capt. Myndert Starin, a soldier of the War of 1812, married Rachel Sammons. John Henry Starin, there son, to honor and perpetuate the memories and deeds of his ancestors and relatives whose names are hereon inscribed, erected this monument.

West Side - Col. Sampson Sammons, born in New York City 12/24/1722 and died 10/17/1796. The first shot in the Revolution west of the Hudson River was fired at Col. Sammons by Johnson's Rangers. He served with credit during the war and distinguished himself at the battle of Klock's Field. He was in the battle of Oriskany. He was a member of the Committee of Safety for Tryon Co. NY. and was one of builders of the old Caughnawaga Church.

Rachel Schoonmaker, his wife, died 12/5/1822 ae 96 yr.

Jacob Sammons, son of Sampson Sammons, died 11/4/1816. He was a member of the Tryon County Regt. And in the battle of Oriskany taken prisoner in 1780 and served during the War of 1812 under General Wood.

Frederick Sammons, son of Sampson Sammons, born 7/4/1766, died 5/22/1838. He served under General Gates in the battle of Saratoga. Taken prisoner with his brother Jacob, taken to Canada, and after great privations and suffering, escaped and returned to Johnstown NY.

Ruth Shottenkirk, his wife, born 12/24/1771, died 3/25/1838.

Major Thomas Sammons, son of Sampson Sammons, born 10/28/1762, died 11/20/1838. a soldier of the Revolution, a frend of Governer George Clinton. He represented Montgomery County in Congress from 1803 to 1807 and from 1809 to 1811. Fourteen of his descendants were soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Mary Wood, his wife, born 2/23/1773 died 12/16/1850, their children were: Sampson, Sarah, Rachel, William T., Jacob, Thomas, Lydia, Frederick, Simeon and Stephen.

Gravestone Inscriptions

Dorn, Catharine A., wife of Henry Sammons, died 7/15/1912 ae 80

Fonda, Mary Sammons, daughter of I. H. & Lydia S., born 4/5/1876 died 5/26/1876

Grose, Barbara, wife of Col. Simeon Sammons, born 4/23/1815 died 12/7/1895 Mann (?) John B., (Son of John & Julia Ann) died 2/25/1817 ae 4y 9m 11d

Noyes, Mary Jane, wife of H.G. Sammons, born 8/21/1815 died 9/22/1875

Sammons, Henry F., born 12/28/1815 died 4/4/1887

Sammons, Sampson, born 12/14/1722 died 10/17/1796

Schoonmaker, Rachel, (wife of Sampson Sammons) died 12/5/1822 ae 96 yrs

Sammons, Frederick, (son of Sampson) born 7/4/1766 died 5/22/1838

Shottenkirk, Ruth, wife of Fredrick Sammons born 12/24/1771 died 3/25/1838

Sammons, Margaret, (dau. of Fred'k & Ruth) born 11/11/1808 died 5/11/1828

Sammons, Frederick (son of Fred'k & Ruth) born 12/16/1817 died 2/11/1838

Sammons, Jacob (son of Sampson) died 11/4/1816 (no other information)

Sammons, Maria, (dau. of Sampson & Nelly) died 6/27/1838 in 20 yr

Sammons, Major Thomas, (son of Sampson) born 10/28/1762 died 11/20/1838

Wood, Mary, (wife of Thomas Sammons) born 2/23/1773 died 12/15/1850

Sammons, Major Stephen, (son of Thomas) born 11/5/1814 died 8/27/1879

Sammons, Col. Simeon, (son of Thomas) born 5/23/1811 died 3/19/1881

Grose, Barbara, (wife of Simeon Sammons) born 4/23/1815 died 12/8/1895

Sammons, Jane Emma, (third dau. of Simeon & Barbara) born 7/24/1844 died 4/8/1864

Sammons, Magdalene, (dau. of Simeon & Barbara) died 10/30/1844 (age broken)

Sammons, Delos, (son of J. & E.) died 10/14/1858 ae 4wks

Sammons, Almira, (dau. of J. & E.) died 4/11/1863 ae 1 mo. 25 da

Sammons, Elizabeth, (dau. of John) died 3/31/1871 in 30 yr

Dorn, Catharine A., (wife of Henry) died 7/15/1712 ae 80 yr

Sammons, Richard, (son of Benjamin & Hannah) died 6/9/1812 ae 31 yr

Sammons, Jacob T., born 5/29/1802 (no record of death on stone)

Sammons, Margaret, (wife of Jacob T.) died 2/21/1841 ae 36 yr. 13 da

Sammons, Julie Ann, (wife of William T.) died 1/16/1834 ae 29 yr

Sammons, Rebecca C., (wife of William T.) died 7/4/1843 in 38th yr

Noyes, Mary Jane, (wife of H. G.) born 8/21/1835 died 9/22/1875

Sammons. Simeon, (son of H. G. & Mary Jane born 11/22/1860 died 4/25/1861

Sammons, Martha, (dau. of H.G. & Lillian ) born 8/9/1883 died 12/14/1883

Sammons, Simeon Starin, (son of H.G. & Lillian) born 12/31/1886 died 2/19/1887

Sammons, Mary E., 1836-1918

Shaw, Rachel, (wife of Strphen) died 4/9/18?? ae 42 yr.

Pratt, Mary Charlotte Dockstader, (great granddaughter of Simeon Sammons) born 6/19/1918 died 12/6/1990

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