1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Cencus

Town of Mohawk

Montgomery County, NY

Supervisor's District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 80
Charles E. Striker, Enumerator
Town of Mohawk, Montgomery county, NY

Page No. 1

111Byron LeflerPrivateB153NYInf19Aug1862 Sept18653  
222Hiram? Lake?PrivateG20NYCalSept31862Aug418642  
333William BowersCorpralI20NYCalAug 1863Aug 18652  
444Thimety Cholarido?PrivG NYinfJune121862Oct25186534 
555John M. CarsonPrivateC153NYInfSept141862Oct918653  
666Alexander H. LoucksPrivateB153NYInfDec291863Oct918652  
777Cathran A. widow of Danel OsthartPrivateA115NYInfAug221862  186439 
888Mary Smith widow of George SmithPrivateA115NYInfAug241862  18653  
999Abe QuackenbushPrivateG100NYInfMar31862Mar818653 4
101010Jacob M. HodgePrivateE148NYInfOct 1865June2818652  
Add 119496Charles DunhamPrivate             
Add 1281Eliza Lefler widow              

#Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
1Tribes HillGun Shot in right brestDisability increasing
4Tribes HillLeft Eye 
5Fonda NYVericolse Vein 
6Fonda NYRupterd? 
7Fonda NY Cronic diariae
8Fonda NY  
9Fonda NY  
10Fonda NYGun Shot wond Left thye Inflametary rhuematism 
Add 11Fonda NY [these last two entries in a different handwriting]
Add 12Town of Mohawk  

Page No. 2

Add 131010Jane E. Jeffers widow              

#Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
Add 13Town of Mohawk [same handwriting as last 2 entries]

Supervisor's District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 81
Cyrus N Batton, Enumerator
2nd Dist. Mohawk, Montgomery county, NY

Page No. 1

12628Henry C. ParksPrivateG21NYCal  1864  1865100
26064Samuel MorrisonSergeantH20USC7Dec101863July 1865150
3235259Radolphus H. TeppleCorporalA115NYInfJuly241862July15186521121
4263280Miranda Hees widow of Alfred C. RosaMusicianE115NYInfJuly 1862      
5260277James LeeCapt16VAInfJuly13 Apr141865390
6268285Thomas MillerPrivateA26Usc7Dec 1863Sep 186518 
7112119Jane a widow of David M. WilderPrivateB153NYInf       9 
8122129Isaih PhillipsPrivateB153NYInf         
9134141Hector E. BentlyPrivateE?77NYInf Oct?Nov 18643 4
10148155James H. VeederPrivateB115NYInfAug81862July1418652116
11161168Elisabeth Way widow of Simon L. BerryPrivate  NYIn         
12187196Simeon SammonsColonel 115NYInfJan 1862Nov 186423 

#Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
1Randall Montgomery Co NY Discharge fort?
2Fonda Montgomery Co NYRheumatism?? blind 9 years
3Fonda Montgomery Co NYGun Shot wound in leg and neckPrisoner of War Anderson 9 months
4Fonda Montgomery Co NY Remarried Jacob Hees
5Fonda Montgomery Co NYWounded Head Side and footConfiderate Soldier
6Fonda Montgomery Co NY  
7Fonda Montgomery Co NY Died at Lincoln Hospatal time not known by widower
8Fonda Montgomery Co NYDischarged on Surgeon Certificate woundedDoes not know time of enlistment ??
9Fonda Montgomery Co NYCronic Diherah and Rheumatism 
10Fonda Montgomery Co NY  
11Fonda Montgomery Co NY Remarried John Way
12Fonda Montgomery Co NYwounded Head Side and FootDisabled and resigned

Page No. 2

13363387Charles E. Fort alias William Smith*CorporalH188PAInfDec 1863Dec 18652  
14210221Bridget widow of Daniel Cosgrove  77NYInf         
15218229William WelchPrivateB115NYInfJuly251862July17186521122
16228291Harrison BriggsMusicianB32NYInfNov231861July231865380
17277296Cyrus N. BallouCaptA115NYInfAug81862June1718652109
18290300Mary I. Dowd Widow of Charles S. SmithPrivateF8NYHA         
19288309Button V. ColgrovePrivateD115NYInfAug141862Jan241863050
20317342Ann widow of Edwin A. GardinierPrivateF8NYInfAug 1862Mar61865270
21321348Anthony JacobsPrivateH5VerInfAug251861Sept2418621029
22322351Charles DunbarPrivateD115NYInfaug241862Feb 1863070
23232245James CaryPrivateB153NYInfDec181863Oct2186511014
24354376ArchambeaultLandsman Frigate SabinsDec201862May318652413
25360383William CrowdenPrivateA115NYInfAug81862  1863050
26352373Christopher B. CluteCorporalC153NYInfAug251862Oct21865317

*Note: Charles E. Fort served in:
Company E, NY, Infantry
Company I, 3 PA In.A.L. and
Company H, 188, PA Infantry

#Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
13Fonda Montgomery Co NY  
14Fonda Montgomery Co NY Date of Enlistment and sdischarge unknown also Company
15Fonda Montgomery Co NY  
16Fonda Montgomery Co NYBack Hart 
17Fonda Montgomery Co NYWounded right side and left arm RheumatismPrisoner of War 6 months
18Fonda Montgomery Co NY date of enlistment and discharge unknown
19Fonda Montgomery Co NYVenal? DeseaseDischarged on Surgeon Certificate
20Fonda Montgomery Co NYDied at Johns Hospital Anapolis MD 
21Fonda Montgomery Co NYGun Shot Wound left hand Spinal DeseaseDischarged on Surgeon Certificate disability
22Fonda Montgomery Co NYDischarged on Surgeons Certificate of disability 
23Fonda Montgomery Co NYWounded left knee and sun stroke 
24Fonda Montgomery Co NYRupturedUS Frigate Sabine
25Fonda Montgomery Co NY Deserted James 1863 near Fortress Monsee?
26Fonda Montgomery Co NYLeft Lung Bronchial 

Page No. 3

27204215Frederick D. VandusenPrivateB6NYHADec281863June2318651525
28366391Soloman LanagerPrivateA119NYInfAug251862July 1864111 
29392423Martin McIntyrePrivateG71NYVC?Apr191861July 1861   
30394426Henry SiverPrivateE7NYHAJan141863Aug118651616
31401435William HessPrivateA198PAInfJune 1864June 1865100
32414451Dewitt E. MartinPrivateK2?NYCalDec291863Nov8186511131
33430470Henry SuttPrivateB153NYInfOct11862Oct21865303
34171178Eleazer SuitsPrivateD153NYInfAug 1864June118650100

#Post Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
27Fonda Montgomery Co NYFits 
28Fonda Montgomery Co NYWounded left arm and ShoulderDischarged on Surgeon Certificate Disability
29Fonda Montgomery Co NY 71st Regt National Guard 100 days Regt
30Fonda Montgomery Co NYWounded left hand and right side 
31Fonda Montgomery Co NY one year enlistment
32Fonda Montgomery Co NYCronic Diherea 
33Fonda Montgomery Co NYCronic Diherea 
34Fonda Montgomery Co NY Discharged on ?? Order

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