Herkimer/Montgomery County Queries for December 1 - 31, 1997

Mrs. Arnold Barrett Tue 30 Dec 1997
I am working on a Colonial Dames paper here in Augusta, Georgia and would like to know if anyone in Fonda, NY is doing research on these families. William PRINTUP comes to Warren Co. GA. He is the son of John Printup and Cornelia SCHERMERHORN. Hope you can tell me someone to contact and perhaps there are books in your library I could cite in the paper. Sincerely, Mrs. Arnold Barrett. (Note: I emailed Mrs. Barrett with the information about the local historical societies to contact, which is posted on our historical societies page. Our site is not affiliated with any historical society. These are certainly early surnames she's looking for and I hope our experts can come through and give her assistance with their own resources at hand.)

Bonnie L. Harrison Tue 30 Dec 1997
Hello! I am researching the surname FRASCATORE. Many of my ancestors immigrated from Italy to Amsterdam, N.Y. Clemente Frascatore - Immigrated 1/16/1900, Occupation: Baker; Salvatore Frascatore - Immigrated 8/9/1899, Occupation: Shoemaker. Both of these when arriving in New York had the destination of Amsterdam, N.Y., to a sister Immacolata and the other to brother-in-law Pasquale ROTONDA(O). Clemente was my g-grandfather and Salvatore my g-grand uncle. Clemente had John Clement Frascatore, my grandfather, and I know he grew up in Amsterdam, N.Y.

I have read the Gen-Web page for Amsterdam and noticed the Gazetteer & Business Directory of Montgomery County: Amsterdam for years through 1870. I was wondering if there is another one through the years of 1890's and later? Thank you for your help. Bonnie L. Harrison, Rt. 5 Box 9580, Hilliard, FL 32046, Blhreba@aol.com

[Note: The 1900 census is the best resource to start researching late 19th century European immigrants. Amsterdam, as an urban area, will have city directories and early phone directories, available at the Montgomery County Dept of History and Archives (at bottom of page). State censuses for all counties, up through 1925, are at the New York State Historical Association at Cooperstown, NY. A listing of which state censuses are available for which counties is provided as a courtesy for your reference on the Otsego County NYGenWeb. If you see a census you need, contact the New York State Historical Association directly, not Jerry Reed, Otsego Co. coordinator!]

John Heath Mitchell Mon 29 Dec 1997
I am researching the family name HEATH traced back to Herkimer County to early 1800s. Hezekiah Heath married Sarah _______ (last name unknown) around 1824. They had seven children Mary, Charles, Joseph, Lucy, George, Esther, and Sarah. George married Mary HOARD during the 1860's and gave birth to G. Thurber Hoard Heath. G. Thurber married Lillian HOWE during the 1890's and gave birth to Thurber Howe Heath. Thurber Howe Heath married Ovelia TAYLOR during the late 1920s. At that time they left Herkimer County for Haverhill, MA. Any information on the Heath/Hoard/Howe families would be greatly appreciated. John Heath Mitchell, Bridgewater, MA, JMitch1114@aol.com

Norm Schneider Mon 29 Dec 1997
Hi: I've just begun researching my mother's family. Her parents settled in the Fultonville-Glen area of Montgomery County and their names were: Frederick LUSSO, b. 15 March 1887 in Randall, Montgomery Co., d. July 1948 in Fultonville, Montgomery Co. and Jennie PETTERSON, b. 9 Feb.1890 in Glen, Montgomery Co., d. 6 May1945 in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co. Any assistance in finding ancesters would be greatly appreciate. Norm Schneider

Diana Carmack Mon 29 Dec 1997
Looking for information on a Jesse WINSOR family who lived in the German Flatts or Fairfield area between 1800 and 1820. His sons, David and Clark migrated on to Chautauqua Co., NY by 1820. Diana Carmack  dcarma@aol.com

John & Cheeta Ellison Mon 29 Dec 1997
Hello, I'm trying to find information on my gg-grandfather Chauncy DOTY, B. abt. 1822. He married Abby PIERCE, they had my g-grandmother, Mary Lucretia Doty. Mary L. Doty was born in Wisconsin, in 1852. I found a piece of information that said Chauncy Doty was born or arrived in Herkimer N.Y. in 1822-1824. If you know of any information on this family, I would be very happy to hear what you have. Thank you for your time! Best Wishes from Montana, John & Cheeta Ellison, 640 Capistrano NW, Kalispell, MT 59901

Harley Nelson Fri 26 Dec 1997
I am looking for information on the parents of my ggrandfather and ggrand mother. My grandfather Isaiah LEWIS was born in Herkimer Co. about 1814. My grandmother Catherine BARTLEY was born in Herkimer Co. about 1824. They were married in about 1843 and moved to Yates in Orleans county. Isaiah was a blacksmith so it is possible that his father was also a blacksmith. Harley Nelson at habn@citrus.infi.net

Shelley Murphy Fri 26 Dec 1997
MARSELIS/MARCELLUS: Looking for the Marselis family that settled in the Herkimer/Montgomery area. Sueres Marselis had a daughter Sarah Misseles b. Jan. 14 1772 in Manheim, Herkimer Co. NY, d. Jan 18 1841. Buried in Old Yellow Church Cemetery. Sara married Henry Henrich BOYER in 5/21/1793 at the Reformed Dutch Church, German Flatts NY. Any assistance would be appreciated. (Email me at keli@talweb.com) Thanks. Shelley.

H. Andrew Brown/Braun Tue 23 Dec 1997
STONE: Seek contact with descendants of Sylvester STONE appearing in 1790 Montgomery Co NY Census. Seek to determine if a RI native and possible son of Job.

Harvey H. Nielsen Tue 23 Dec 1997
One of the original settlers of Litchfield in Herkimer Co was John EVERETT, son of Jeremiah Everett. He had a son named Jonas who married Elizabeth SCOVILL, Nov 9, 1800 at Litchfield. I am interested in the parents of Elizabeth Scovill and any other information about her that I can find.

Suzanne Waguespack Mon 22 Dec 1997
ROLLER/ RULLER:Am seeking any info on Andreas ROLLER (RULLER). Anreas married a Dorethea(Alida) and had three daughters: Elizabeth, born in Stone Arabia and married in 1781 in Albany, NY to John LUTHER. Daughter, Margarita was also born in Stone Arabia in 1763. She married a Jacob BLOOMENDAL. Dorothea was born in Stone Arabia in 1766. Dorothea married Johann Ludewig ZEILMAN. Any help or leads would be most welcome.

Richard Bell Sun 21 Dec 1997
Hello. I am searching for info on my great-greatgrandparents Jacob BELL and Mary Ann CATHOUT Bell, and their children of which Edwin Bell was my great-grandfather. 1860 census has them at Denisons Corners Town of Columbia. Number 899 on census. Also at same time there was a Nicolas Bell and family at next address on census. Any info would be much appreciated. Also would share any info I have. Thanks. Richard Bell

Cheryl Classick Sat 20 Dec 1997
THUMM/ THUMB: I am looking for the Thumm family of upstate NY. Catherine Thumm was born in 1795 in Montgomery County and married Paul CALDWELL. Their children were Joseph, William B., Elizabeth, James, Nancy M., John, and Charlotte. Thanks, Cher Classick.

Ed Brown Sat 20 Dec 1997
Looking for info on my gg-grandfather John BROWN b. abt 1828, in Montgomery Co. Town is not known at this time. Parents John T. Brown and Charity ???. They moved to New Bremen, Lewis, NY when John was about 5 years old. If you have any info please contact me. Thank you, Ed Brown  SXS5151@aol.com

Faith Wed 17 Dec 1997
WALTER, George born 1807 in Jordanville,Warren, Herkimer Co. NY and died 1845 same town. Spouse Elizabeth HARTER born 1809 same town as George. They were my gg-grandparents. Any records of them ? Thank you.

Faith Wed 17 Dec 1997
SNYDER, Mary Ann died 17 May 1880 in Warren , Herkimer, NY. Her husband Samuel ELY born in same town and died there too. Her parents George Snyder and mother Betsey COOKE.

HATCH, Elizabeth died 11 Oct 1819 in Warren, Herkimer, NY. Her husband Simeon ELY died 15 Jun 1817 in same town. I wonder if their records are still there, Thank you for your help.

HDolan5504 Tue 16 Dec 1997
I am looking for any info on Rev. John Henry DYSLIN, who married Anna KLOCK in 1792, and their descendants. Also, I am looking for the parents of Lavinia KRETSER, and parents of Betsy LAMPMAN. The time period is 1784 to 1865. According to census records they were in the Montgomery County, St. Johnsville area.

Steven Talbot Seeber Sun 14 Dec 1997
My ties with your county go to an Esquire John SEEBER, son of Major Johann Wilhelm Seeber and his third wife Maria Elizabeth GOEBILIN. My g-grandfather Daniel Seeber was one of John's sons. Daniel married Myra BENTON born in Ames in 1821. Any and all info on this branch of Seebers would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours, Steven Talbot Seeber (Note: Obituaries of Daniel and Myra Seeber and sons, including a photo of son Byron, are on our Obits Bulletin Board.)

William C. Rason Sun 14 Dec 1997
PHILLIPS, MCKAY & BROCKWAY: Seeking information on the family of Nicholas PHILLIPS b.11 Feb 1774 Schoharie NY, d. 6 Jul 1862 Elgin Co. Ontario. I found what I believe to be some of his family in a Phillips Cemetery town of Florida, Montgomery Co. I suspect that Lewis E. & Margaret Phillips buried there are his parents. Also seeking info on Nicholas' first wife, H. MCKAY d. abt 1825, and their (at least 6) children: Daniel b. abt 1812, George Keefer b. abt 1818, Matthew b. 10 May 1820, Agnes b. abt 1822, Hannah b. abt 1824 and Elizabeth whom I suspect is the Elizabeth L. b. 18 Jan 1825, d. 20 Jul 1901. Nicholas left for Ontario abt 1826, remarried and had at least 8 more children. Some moved to Michigan and Minnesota abt 1850. Also seeing information on Ephriam BROCKWAY (associated with Lewis Phillips) and Lewis Brockway who was in Michigan (St Clair & Sanilac Counties.) Nicholas had sons who settled in Brockway Township, St Clair Co, MI. Can anyone tell me where the Phillips Cemetery is? Does anyone know where Port Jackson (site of a ferry) was? Happy Holidays! Bill Rason, Chittenango (Syr.), NY

Hank Ehlbeck Sat 13 Dec 1997
PAULL/ PAUL from Hinkley NY: My g-grandfather, whose first name may have been Dexter, was in the Union Army and I was told he fought at Gettysburgh with a unit from this area of N.Y. He may have died on Dec. 25, 18?? after the Civil War. Alice his daughter was my grandmother. Alice had two sisters Grace and Sarah, possibly a brother Rob. Alice married Harry BRYERTON from Carillon, Quebec, Canada. Some of the Paull sisters may have belonged to the D.A.R. I was told the Paull family went a ways back in the Mohawk Valley ?? and maybe a root to John Paul Jones. Grace Paull, a children's book illustrator, was my mother's cousin and she lived in Cold Brook or Poland if my memory is still sharp. Again many thanks for your interest and work. Email hehlbeck@aol.com or Hank Ehlbeck 145 Bryan Cave Rd. South Daytona FL. 32119 Thank you.

Lynn Fraser Tue 9 Dec 1997
I am looking for information regarding William JACKSON born September 11, 1787, in what is now Seneca County, New York (City of Ovid I believe), but was Montgomery County at the time of his birth and during the 1790 Census. We have conflicting information on his father. One report states his father's name was John who was born about 1761. The second report states his father's name was Robert who was born in 1727 in Ireland. Anyone who may know the right answer or more details, please contact me at LE222@aol.com. Lynn Fraser

John Gould Fri 28 Nov 1997; posted 9 Dec. 1997
Rev. James DEMPSTER kept a record of the marriages and baptisms he performed "in the vicinity of Tryon County, NY," between 1778 and 1803. Seek information about the historical context of Rev. Dempster's record: Was his record the earliest one of its kind in the area? Was he in the area at the time the earliest settlers came in, or did he arrive there later? Where did the early settlers come from? Where was Rev. Dempster born? In what particular part of Tryon County, which covered a large area of the state, did Rev. Dempster preach? What position does his record occupy among other records of the area in that period? (Note: John and I have discussed this briefly. For those who aren't aware of the Rev. Dempster, he traveled to perform baptism and marriages. We'd like to know his "base of operations.")

Nancy Curran Mon 8 Dec 1997
I've just learned from the 1865 census in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY, that Abraham PHILLIPS, then 48, was born in Herkimer County, which would then be about 1817. He was living in Syracuse in 1860 as well, with his wife, Angeline ELDERKIN, and their three sons, Otis Delancey, Alfred and Franklin. What Phillips families were in Herkimer Co. in 1820? Nancy Johnsen Curran in Schenectady

Jo Dee Frasco Mon 8 Dec 1997
Looking for TALLMANs in Herkimer County dating back to approximately late1700-early1800s. Jo Dee Frasco 7765 Chatfield Lane Ellicott City, Maryland 21043 THANK YOU!

Jackie Humphrey Sun 7 Dec 1997
Need parents of Sarah/Sally WEAVER b. Mont. Co. Dec. 10 1807, member Trinity Lutheran Stone Arabia Church, m. Hiram GAYLOR by 1827, to Albany 1830's-1854, d. Bklyn NY July 18, 1865. J. Humphrey 3484 Saddle Brook Drive Melbourne FL 32934

Ken Jones Sun 7 Dec 1997
NEWKIRK: Cornelius G. Newkirk, Garret Newkirk, any other Newkirks living in ***Montgomery County*** (1800's). Searching information to link them to huge listing of family tree. Please contact Ken Jones at kajones@accsnet.com

Becky Hoff Sat 6 Dec 1997
Seeking any information on the family of Michael ACKER who was born in New York 1832 and moved to Hillsdale Co., Michigan between 1850 and 1858. He had a wife, Hannah Acker age 19, that died in Hillsdale Co. 1858. Also believe that Henry Acker b. abt 1805, Cornelius Acker b. 1820, and Hannah Acker b.1810 (married an Estrus LANE) where born in the area of Warren to a Michael and Mary PHILIPS Acker. Mary I believe was the daughter of a William Philips who lived in Warren, 1810. The young Michael, Hannah Lane, Henry and Cornelius all died in Michigan and lived near each other. I have to believe that they were all related. Children's names that are repeated in these families are Cornelius, John, William and Henry and George. Reply to Becky Hoff at THoff57416@aol.com

G-leaves Sat 6 Dec 1997
RUNYON/ RUNYAN: Looking for any information on Charles Francis Runyon (or Runyan). Born: 29 Dec 1829 Herkimer Co. Married: 1860 to Avira Beech MEYERS. Died: Jan 1896 Buffalo, NY. If you have *any* info please e-mail me at: G-leaves@geocities.com Thanks!

Debbie Smith Sat 6 Dec 1997
Greetings. I am seeking information about Lucinda HARRINGTON and Willard Morse SMITH who lived in the Town of Winfield area around 1833 when their son William Henry Smith was born. Willard may have been born in Plainfield (Otsego Co.) and Lucinda may have been born in Canterbury, CT around 1803. Her father was Keeler (Ezekiel?) Harrington. They moved to Sheds Corners, NY (Madison Co.) and are buried there. I would very much appreciate any information from other possible descendents. Thanks so much. Debbie Smith

Tom Hinds Sat 6 Dec 1997
Hi! I'm seeking information on HINDS and TANNER. My gg-grandfather Don (Donile?) C. Hinds was born in May 1850. His wife Nancy Tanner was also born in May 1850. They are listed in the 1900 Frankfort, NY census. My father believes they were also listed in the 1880 Fly Creek, NY census, but we cannot locate those records. I'm looking for information on when and where they were born, as well as their parents (and any other information you can provide). Thanks! (Note: Fly Creek is in the Town of Otsego, Otsego Co.)

Jean Vineyard Thu 4 Dec 1997
I am seeking information on Cornelius ATHERTON and descendants. Cornelius is listed in DAR Patriot Index for patriotic service from NY. His son (or grandson) was Milton Atherton, my great-grandfather. I have been told there are Athertons in Herkimer Co. and hope to make a connection.

Ike Watrous Tue 2 Dec 1997
NASH, Henry, Sr., b. 23 Jan 1792, Herkimer Co., d. 18 Aug 1849 Clay, Onondaga Co. Marr. Catherine SMITH b. 1796. Had 14 children: Lilly, Nancy, Henry, Jr., Elizabeth Ann, Ann Maria, Mary, Rachel, George, Catherine Salina, Katie, Louisa, Howard, Fred, Angelia. Migrated to Oneida Co. and to Onondaga Co. abt 1837, where the last 6 children were born. Seeking any information on Henry's father, Alexander, b. abt 1760, Herk. Co. and wife, Caroline Unkn. Also seeking any info on Henry Sr.'s wife, Catherine SMITH. Ike Watrous  FIWATROUS@aol.com

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