Herkimer/Montgomery County Queries for January 1 - 15, 1998

Mike Salisbury Thu 15 Jan 1998
Looking for parents of Nehemiah MEAD SALISBURY born 1814-1815 Montgomery Co. Father born Rhode Island, mother born Conn. Thanks for any help.

Janet Reed Thu 15 Jan 98
Searching for parents and descendants of Isaac CAPLE, b abt 1808, in Herkimer or Otsego Co. Parents may have been Anson KAPLES and Anna ORENDORFF from Warren Township. Isaac married Mary GETMAN of Columbia, 19 Apr 1832, witnessed by John G. Getman, b. 1801, probably her brother. Isaac was "mangled in the machinery and died shortly thereafter in Frankfort", Apr. 1864. He left 5 children, Chauncy b. 1833; Mary Sherman, no dob; Louise b. abt 1842; Monroe (my grandfather) b. 14 Nov 1844; Della b. abt 1846; and Frank E. Caple, b. abt 1855.

Monroe served with the 2nd NY Artillery from 1863 to 1865. When the Civil War ended he returned to Frankfort and in 1872 married Elizabeth (Libbie) RAPP, (1853 to Aug 1913), dtr of Anton Rapp, who was born in Wurtemburg, Bavaria abt 1820. Both Monroe and Anton worked at the Remington Arms Factory in Ilion. Monroe had 11 children of whom only 4 lived to maturity and only 2 had children; Edward Emil Caple 1874 to 1954 and (my father) Louis Leslie Caple, 1898 to 1953. Ed married Jessie PHILLIPS and their children were: Arthur 1898 to 1929; Glenn 1901 to 1970; Thelma 1903 to ? and Kittie, 1905 to ?, all of whom were born and lived in NY.. Libbie Rapp moved to California with 4 of her children after Monroe's death in 1903, to be near her siblings, Margaret BELSHAW, Sarah DEWITT, and Ed Rapp.

I'd love to hear from anyone with information on the family and their connections, especially to sort out the Getman and Orendorff connections, or from any other members of the family if any are still living. Janet Caple Reed E-mail jcaple@msn.com or snail mail at 271 Chico Ave Santa Cruz, Calif.

Dean C. Hagen Wed 14 Jan 1998
DARROW, George: I have the following information: George Darrow's , b. abt 1763, will was probated in Herkimer, NY, Estate No. 01834, on 22 Feb 1796. George had been late of Steubentown, Herkimer, NY. Amirus Darrow was listed as his executor, with Jedidiah Darrow, in charge of inventory. How can I obtain a copy of this will? Dean C. Hagen,15 E. Toledo St., Duluth, MN 55811 E-mail: foxfire@cp.duluth.mn.us

Dave Simonds Wed 14 Jan 1998
Catherine "Katy" TEACHOUT married John SHELEY, 27 May 1807 in (Town of) Danube, Herkimer/Montgomery Co., NY. She was probably born ca. 1785. Their children were Alexander (1807), Phebe (1809), Caroline, Mary Anne, Margaret (1816), Catharine (1820), Benjamin B. (1822) and John Jr (1825). John SHELEY was born ca 1784. He was a veteran of the War of 1812, serving three months in Plattsburg, NY in 1814. He died Mar 1873 in Town of Clayton, Jefferson, NY. Seeking the ancestry of Catherine "Katy" Teachout, and also of her husband John Sheley. Any help much appreciated. Dave Simonds, dsimonds@erols.com

Pat Zayas Sun 11 Jan 1998
I am interested in any information available on Thomas Tubbs GRAVES and Fidelia RIGGS. Thomas Tubbs Graves was born in Herkimer Co. in August 1808. I believe his mother was Holland Dutch. He married Fidelia Riggs who was from Conneticut. Her mother was Pamela CARRINGTON and her father was James Riggs. Pat Zayas, Pzayas2@aol.com

Kay Keith Tue 13 Jan 1998
I am searching for the death/burial place of my gg-grandfather, Abiel HYDE HAND, 20 May 1797 to 11 Feb 1878. He lived in Palatine Bridge, Montgomery Co. His 3rd wife was Catherine FRIER, 2nd wife was Catherine SCHOONMAKER, 1st wife was Rebecca DuBOIS. Thank you.

Alan Lowry Mon 12 Jan 1998
I am new to genealogy research and looking for a place to start. My great great great grandfather James A. LOWRY (born or baptised in 1821) came to Canada in 1848. The following year his wife Debora MATHEWS Lowry and three children, John, Mary Jane, and James joined James and moved to Little Falls. While living in Little Falls they had 5 more children. The children were Edward(1850), William(1851), Martha Ann(1856), Thomas(1859), and George(1859).

The family eventually moved to Wisconsin about 1863. I am looking for information about birth dates of the children and any information about James and Debora's parents and places of births. I not sure what information your library contains but any help will be appreciated. Sincerely, Alan Lowry

Scott W. Sammons Sun 11 Jan 1998
Hi, my name is Scott W. Sammons from Kinsgton, Ulster Co. New York. I have been working on my family history since 1990. The SAMMONS family came to the Montgomery Co area from New York City. Some stopped and stayed in Ulster Co, the others moved north. The Sammons from your area included Sampson and Rachel Sammons and their family. The family home still stands today and on the back corner of the property is the family cemetery with many family members buried there. Sampson and his three sons were awoke at night and taken prisioner. Later Sampson & Thomas were let go but Jacob & Frederick were taken to Canada however, in a very interesting tale and escaped and returned home. I would ask anyone who is researching the Sammons family to contact me as I have a lot of information. My E-mail address is Ulster61@aol.com

H. Andrew Brown/ Braun Sat 10 Jan 1998
Seek info on Andrew BENNETT appearing in the 1790 Herkimer, Montgomery Co. NY Census. Seek to determine if he is Andrew Bennett (s/o John Jr.) who removed from Warwick, Kent Co. RI. Contact: H. Andrew BROWN at habraun@pacbell.net

Elvera Johnson Fri 9 Jan 1998
Looking for the source documentation for the birth of Erastus DURKEE 27 Oct 1810 Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY. Parents were: Abijah and Eliza (HADCOCK) Durkee. Abijah Durkee died 1860 in Homer, Cortland Co., NY. Would also like to find that documented. Marriage place unknown for Abijah and Eliza, believed to be c.1807. Also need birth, death, and parentage for Eliza Hadcock. Thank you, Billi. Elvera Johnson, (billi@henge.com) 400 West Sixth Street, Julesburg, CO 80837

Alice Edman Thur 8 Jan 1998
I am searching any relatives of EDIC, ITTIG (there are 7 ways it is spelled), PEEK, WEAVER/ WEVER. Thank you again for all the wonderful information. Alice Edman

Jeffrey Showell Thu 8 Jan 1998
I am looking for any information about a Silvia BROCKWAY, the wife of Henry S. POTTER (Potter was born in Montgomery County 10-25-1794). Thanks!

Robert Murgittroyd Thu 8 Jan 1998
I've been visting many regional genealogy web sites lately and this is by far one to the best. Please keep up the good work. I would like to hear from anyone with information about the descendants of Peter and Malinda MURGITTROYD. I was happy to find the story of Henry Eckler on your page today. Recent research shows that one of my ancestors, Lorenzo Dow Murgittroyd, was married to a Marinda ECKLER born 1/28/1818. Thinking that there might be a connection I was looking for a way to contact Rex Stevensen. I found the awful news of Mr. Stevensen's passing. Do you know of another ancestor of Mr. Stevensen who may be aware of any connection betweeen the Eckler and Murgittroyd families. Thanks for you help and regrets for your loss.

Virginia Condello Wed 7 Jan 1998
I'm searching for information about the CONDELLOs of Dolgeville. They were related to the DELUCAs. Looking for Rocco Condello, Anthony Condello info. Thanks. The Post. rockon9@gte.net

Kenneth R. Griswold, Jr. Tue 6 Jan 1997
Looking for information regarding my grandfather John R. GRISWOLD prior to marriage to MIldred CURRY. Only one child born of this marriage, Kenneth Richmond Griswold, born Fonda, Montgomery Co., 13 May 1913. He is as far as I can go back in my family history. Please help me if you can.

Dave and Liz DuBois Mon 5 Jan 1998
Looking for information on Henry or William LOTT, probably born about 1790. he married 23 Jan 1814 in Fonda, Montgomery County, to Maria KIP. They had two children, John and Henry. No info on John, however Henry was born 7 Sep 1815, Charleston, Montgomery County. Henry/William died 1819. Am interested in finding Henry/William Lott's parents and proof of his death. Liz DuBois

Jean Alden Sat 3 Jan 1998
I have a loyalist ancestor who lived on land purchased from William Johnson. I'm in California. Is Salisbury near Johnstown or on land owned by Johnson?? My ancestor is Jacob ROSS and I'm looking for any information. His property is listed as confiscated by the New York register. Thanks for the help. Jean Alden (Note: Salisbury was on land owned by Johnson but Johnstown is north into Fulton County.)

Mary Fish Nitzberg Sat 3 Jan 1998
I am researching Ashbel/Abel FISH b. ca. 1812. He is listed in the population census of Wayne Co. 1875 as being born in Herkimer, Co. Martha Fish (Martha Cornelia TOWNSEND) is listed as his wife b. ca. 1813 in Ulster Co. Looking for information about parents and birthplace. Thank you. Please resond to Mary Fish Nitzberg, 307 Grenadier Dr., Liverpool, NY 13090-2700, email: FISHBERG@aol.com

Tom Moffatt Sat 3 Jan 1998
BOGART, Jacob P. and wife Aaltje (BLOOMINGDALE) lived in Mayfield area in what was then Montgomery Co., from 1801 until after 1820 Census. Looking for info on them, and any record of a possible son Christopher BOGART born 1802-1805, possibly June 16, 1803. Any land record? Any vital record? ANY assistance would be appreciated. - Tom Moffatt   tmoffatt@nbnet.nb.ca

John Legarignon Fri 2 Jan 1998
Searching for the wereabouts of William KENNEDY m. Mary BUTLER, lived in Tryon County around 1770-1783, was described by revolutionaries as a dissaffected tory, spent a season in jail in Johnston probably around 1781-1782, was re-arrested (probably in 1782), was put through a mock hanging session to have him say the truth then brought to jail in Albany, was tried, could not be found guilty but his house, household furniture, cattle and land were forfeited. He mentions that this forfeiture took place under the orders of Colonel Willet. He mentions loosing for 3, 000 pounds worth of goods. He left to Canada, was in Montreal for a while (probably in St. John's on the Richelieu) and then was sent to Quebec and from there left on June 9, 1784 for Gaspˇ where he had been granted land in Douglastown where all his descendants still lived till recently. I got all of this information from a Petition for Land he addressed to the Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada in 1801.

I would be thankfull for any information be it on William or his wife Mary Butler, their ascendants, where they lived in Tryon county, where they originated from etc. I would be delighted to provide some help in return for families who are looking for someone in the province of Quebec.....that would be my way to say many thanks. My address is john.legarignon@justice.x400.gc.ca It feels good having found a way to post my research. Thank you for all the good work you do to upkeep this site on the web.

Kathy Minder Fri 2 Jan 1998
I'm seeking information on Peter WALTER, b. 1790 Herkimer Co., NY. Married Nancy JORDAN, b. 14 Jun 1795, Saratoga, NY. Parents of Peter: Adam Walter and Elizabeth HURTICK. The family also resided in Otsego Co., later migrating to Cass Co., MI. Kathy Minder, Geneseo, IL, blukat@geneseo.net

Joel W. Little Thu 1 Jan 1998
I am attempting to glean info on Ira G. LITTLE b 1827 Charlestown, Montgomery, NY. Wife's name was Cynthia A (REED) Little. Daughter b. 1855 NY. The Little's were married Schoharie, NY. Especially need names of parents of Ira and Cynthia and any other you may provide. Thank You! Joel W. Little,   joel@trilobyte.net

Kathy Brockway Thu 1 Jan 1998
Seeking: Husband: LAMPHERE, Alpheus, b. 1771, Kent, CT; d. 1850, Salisbury Center, Herkimer Co.
Wife: SATTERLEE, Hanna, b. 1776; d. 1850, Salisbury Center, Herkimer Co.
Daughter: LAMPHERE, Louisa, b. 1815, Salisbury Center, removed to MI ca. 1860; d. 1873, Kalamazoo, MI
Her Husband: WHITE, Artemas A., b. 1813, ??; d. 1898, Kalamazoo, MI
Their children WHITE -- all born Salisbury, Herkimer County:

Especially seek birth location/ parents of Artemas. Artemas & Louisa Lamphere White were my paternal gg-grandparents via daughter Nancy. Thank you. Kathy Brockway,  hubrock@aol.com

Ron and Lorie VanBuskirk Thu 1 Jan 1998
I am researching the following family that lived at one time in Herkimer County: Renselear WADE, b. July 1799 in Herkimer County, m. Elizabeth C. BOWEN. Their children were: Anson, Lillis & Lucy (twins), George Havilah, Calcadena S., Eleanor H., Myron A., Morris F., Mary E., and Marcia L. I believe that Renselear Wade's parents were Hawkins Wade and Mary PRAY. Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Lorie VanBuskirk

Ron and Lorie VanBuskirk Thu 1 Jan 1998
I am researching a family that lived in Herkimer County ca. 1820. Jared THORP b. 1799, m. Catharine COLE b. 1801. One or more of the following children were born in Herkimer county before the family moved to the town of Albion, Oswego County, NY: Isaac Jared, Andrew, Jane, Minard, Leonard, Alonza, William Wesley, and Margaret. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Lorie VanBuskirk  rockingv@texoma.net

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