Herkimer/Montgomery County Queries for July 20 - 31, 1998

Elizabeth Passage Judd Fri 31 Jul 1998
I am seeking information about the PASSAGE family. My grandfather Alonzo Passage was born in Herkimer County in 1900 and he and his father had a farm near Utica in the 1950's (my great grandfather, George Henry Passage wife Isabelle). I have very little information about them but would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

Gary A. Dufel Fri 31 Jul 1998
I have been tracking down my family roots that are in and around the Mohawk Valley. I'd be glad to share anything I have on my family lines which include:

DUFEL - Originated in Hille, Westphalia and 5 siblings came to Amsterdam area between 1873-1896. Current family members reside in Tribes Hill, Fonda, Fultonville, Glen, Amsterdam and Dufel farms have dotted routes 5 and 5S since 1886. My German data goes back to 1700 where the family went by the spellings Dufel, Duefel, Duevel, and occassionally Duwel. This family also married into the SIEVERS and SEVERIN families in the Mohawk Valley.

MORCK - Originated in Alsace area of France/Germany (Stassborg, Lampertsloch, Sankt Albans). Family arrived in US in 1889 and patriarch of family Charles Morck was a blacksmith in Amsterdam.

DUNAGAN - This Irish surname was in Greene County area by 1820's and a piece of the family came to Amsterdam about 1900. Chester Dunagan's [my grandfather] mother (Olive HORNBECK ) has dutch roots in NY going back to the founding days of New Amsterdam and this research into early Dutch genealogy and history has been some of my most fun.

If anyone has interest in these lines, please contact me. Gary Dufel Email:duf@i84.net

Claudia Bement Fri 31 Jul 1998
CONGDON, Irving. Believed to be born in St. Johnsville, December 5, 1879, son of Morris B. Congdon and Juliette WILSON. Would like to exchange info with other Congdon researchers. Claudia Bement, PO Box 15, Constantia, NY 13044 Email:cpbement@syr.edu

Carol Berning Fri 31 Jul 1998
I am trying to find parents of John BOWMAN probably born early 1800's. He owned a farm in Auriesville, Montgomery County. He had a daughter named Katherine who married Frederick William (Shortleg) BERNING and another daughter named Carrie. Does anyone have info on this family and can point me in the right direction. Thank you! Carol Norville Berning Email:berningc@worldnet.att.net

Lorraine FORT Kewley Fri 31 Jul 1998
Seeking information on the parents of Isaac FORT. Isaac was b.13/12 June 1822/25 in Stark, Herkimer Co., m. Matilda SHAUL 10 November 1847/48 in Stark. She was b. 7 October 1828, the daughter of John G. Shaul b. 28 Nov. 1782 d.24 Oct 1855, m. 18 Sept 1807. Anne VANHORNE daughter of Thomas & Maria (Frederick) Van Horne. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lorraine FORT Kewley Email:JKewley@oasisol.com

Mr. Carl A. Lee Fri 31 Jul 1998
I am researching Adam CREH. He was believed to be a Palatinate that came to that area after the original group came in about 1710. He may have been one that came via Ireland in about 1730. His sons adopted the name GRAY just after the RW. He had a number of sons in the RW: Andrew, Samuel, Adam, John, Robert and William. The latter two were twins. The Dutch Reformed Church Ft. Plains, Trinity Lutheran and other areas around Stone Arabia possibly have records of this extended family. Andrew was my ggg-grandfather who m. Catherina SNELL Jul 9 1786. They had at least 8 children to grow to adulthood. All apparently were farmers except Charles, b ca 1796, who became a lawyer. Adam Creh (GRAY) was m. to Elizabeth HORNUNG according to some researchers. I have some data on Andrew and Samuel. L. Shults wrote a paper on the Grays about 1970 and I would like to locate him--I believe he lived in Herkimer.

Dennis R. Davis Fri 31 Jul 1998
Seeking for any and all information on Asa BLOOD who resided in the village of Johnstown, Montgomery Co., New York in 1820. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Dennis R. Davis, 3662 Alameda Drive, Fairview, PA 16415-1030

Diana Oxenford Thu 30 Jul 1998
I am looking for the parents and additional siblings for John ANDREW/ANDREWS who was born March 7, 1822 in Herkimer, NY and died Nov. 12, 1902 in ORE. I know of 3 of his sisters: (1) Olive (no additional info), (2) Anna M. born 8-1833 in NY, married: John C. BROWN in 1854, (3) Ruth E. born 9-1835 in NY, married: SEARLES. I have a letter and photos including one of John Andrew's mother (name unknown). Any help will be appreciated. Please contact: Diana Oxenford Email: oxenford@backinsf.com

Donald W. Fisher Thu 30 Jul 1998
Seeking any help possible in sorting out very conflicting information regarding Capt. Christian HOUSE, who served in the Revolution and is buried in St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., NY. His name was added to the Oriskany Monument. The common sources (the book by Melvin Rhodes Shaver, DAR records, church records of births and baptisms, the Hunter lists edited by Henry Jones, etc.) have major disagreements as to this man, his wife or wives (Christina RECHTMEYER, Rebecca HAYES), and his possible progeny.

Approximately 1760-1800 there were in New York at least two men named Christian House, perhaps as many as four or five. One is Capt. Christian House ("ChristianA"), Commander of the Second Regiment, Tryon County Militia; we know him from the published records of Revolutionary War service. He is supposed to be buried in an unmarked grave in St. Johnsville, having died "shortly" after the Revolution. The other ("ChristianB") was also in military service, but in other capacities and places; we know him from his pension abstract. ChristianB apparently had a late-in-life (age 66) marriage to Huldah SCHUYLER, the widow of John, which evidently had no issue. ChristianB: b. 10/14/1756, d. 3/11/1844 at Minden, NY. M. Huldah 12/21/1822 at Minden. He probably had an earlier marriage.

Church records for Mohawk Valley churches show a Christian House ("ChristianC") who married Christina Rechtmajer 9/10/1765. Thus, he cannot be ChristianB, who was 9 at the time. He might be ChristianA. ChristianC and Christina had Conrad, b. 3/6/1784 and Catharina, bapt. 1/17/1790. The sponsors for Conrad's baptism are Conrad Hauss & Engelje, no relationship specified. This Conrad cannot be the father of Christian as Shaver states, due to his omission from Conrad's will. (The identity of Conrad is another vexing problem.) The late birth dates relative to the marriage date are a questionable connection.

The Hunter lists show a Christian ("ChristianD") who is the son of Reinhart Hauss; they indicate his wife was Elizabetha. Is this ChristianA or ChristianC? His birth is 8/2/1722, making him over 50 at the time of the Revolution.

The DAR records show Christian House ("ChristianE") who married Rebecca Hayes and had one child by him, John C. House (1769-1853). This cannot be ChristianB, who was 4 at the birth of John. ChristianC was married to Christina at this time, so ChristianC and ChristianE cannot be the same. ChristianD (m. Elisabetha) would have been 47 at John's birth. ChristianE might be ChristianA, but then who is ChristianC? The DAR says E=A, Shaver says C=A. Who is right?

It looks to me like three or four or five separate Christian Houses in the Revolutionary War period. Can anyone sort this out? Does anyone have additional verifiable data? Thanks for the help. Donald W. Fisher Email:dwfrft@primary.net

Donald W. Fisher Thu 30 Jul 1998
Seeking information on a dead-end in my ancestry, Hannah HOUSE, who is supposedly from the line of German Palatine immigrant Johann Christian House (Hauss). Family records (based on a lot of wishful thinking) indicate that she was the daughter of Revolutionary hero, Capt. Christian House, though I have been completely unable to document any relationship. She may be the daughter of "a" Christian House, but I have no indication of which one, nor do I know who her mother was.

No specific dates are available for Hannah. She married Samuel LISCUM. Her last two children were Lewis and Elizabeth, though nothing is known about earlier children. Lewis was born ca. 1797, and Elizabeth was born 5/29/1800 somewhere along the border of Herkimer and Montgomery Cos., near the town of St. Johnsville, NY. This makes Hannah's birth probable before 1780 and perhaps much earlier than that year.

The Liscum family moved from NY to Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, in 1817, taking Hannah's sister Charlotte House with them. This move may or may not have something to do with loyalist sentiments after the War of 1812. I will gladly exchange data with anyone who can connect with this Hannah House. Donald W. Fisher Email:dwfrft@primary.net

Donald W. Fisher Thu 30 Jul 1998
Seeking any possible connections with John F. FISHER, who was born in Herkimer Co. ca. 1793. His parents were Scottish immigrants who arrived through Canada ca. 1779. Father: James Fisher, d. 1841 in MI. Mother: Leah DODS(Dobs?), d. before 1815 in NY State. John was the youngest o seven known children. The family moved to Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, ca. 1815. This move may or may not have been related to loyalist sentiments after the War of 1812. In Canada, John married Elizabeth (Betsey) LISCUM 1/13/1823 in Ontario. Her family were also immigrants to Canada from the Montgomery/Herkimer Co. area in 1817. John and his family returned to the US (to Redford, MI) in 1837. John died 1/16/1862 in Redford, Wayne Co., MI.

I have detailed information about John after his marriage in 1823. I am seeking details about his birth and early life and information about his parents. I will gladly exchange data with any researchers interested in this line. Donald W. Fisher Email:dwfrft@primary.net

Donald W. Fisher Thu 30 Jul 1998
Seeking information about Elizabeth LISCUM, born 5/29/1800. Her birthplace is given in family records both as Herkimer Co., NY, and as St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., NY. The probable truth is that she was born on a farm just at the eastern edge of Herkimer Co., with St. Johnsville as the nearest town. Her parents were Samuel Liscum and Hannah HOUSE. In 1817 the family, including Elizabeth, her brother Lewis, and Hannah's sister, Charlotte House, moved to Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. Family records indicate that there were older children than Elizabeth and Lewis, but nothing is known about them. The move to Canada may or may not have been related to loyalist sentiments after the War of 1812.

Elizabeth married John F. FISHER 1/13/1823 in Cobourg, Ontario. They returned to the US (at Redford, MI) in 1837. I have listings for their children and further descendants, but know very little about them before 1823. I have no verifiable data on Elizabeth's parents and will gladly share information with anyone who has connections to this family. Donald W. Fisher Email:dwfrft@primary.net

The Shipplett's Wed 29 Jul 1998
Am looking for confirmation of marriage of Alexander PARKER to Jane Berry DAUGHERTY (DOUGHERTY) in Frankfort on 10 Aug 1806. Requestor: Rex Alwyn Shipplett; e-mail: shipplet@ffni.com Thanks for your help! Rex :-)

Kathleen Teague Wed 29 Jul 1998
Researching the family of BROADHACK/ BRODOCK. I am interested in finding Elizabeth Brodock born circa. 1798 in Herkimer co. She married David SMITH and settled in the area of Oneida County, Town of Vienna and then Oswego county, Town of Constantia. They stayed mostly in that area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact me: Kathleen Teague at: kathyrt@dreamscape.com

Jill Austin Wed 29 Jul 1998
GLEED, Raymond Cline of Mohawk, NY, born 4 Aug 1889 and died 1946 from pneumonia, married Margaret EDICK on July 31, 1912 in Mohawk, lived on Richfield St in Mohawk. Both are buried in Mohawk cemetery. Parents were James W. Gleed from England and Margaret CASLER. Any information on family please send to Jill Austin at JILLEAN@aol.com

Brett Mac Donald Tue 28 Jul 1998
I'm trying to find the death location and burial place of James O SWARTWOUT (Swarthout). He was born abt 1809 and until the death of his wife Anna M. SALISBURY in 1876 he lived in Schoharie Co. A Schoharie history book notes "he became the resident of an adjoining county. He died January 20, 1881 aged 72 years." Thank You. Brett Mac Donald: bmacdonald@earthlink.net

Lon Dittrick Tue 28 Jul 1998 I am looking for any information relating to DITTRICK in the early Mohawk settlement, specifically about 30 miles from Utica. Other possible names of interest would be DEDRICK, DEDERICK, TEDRICK. Our family were loyalists, lost their land because of it, and fled to the Niagara region. A name change is quite likely. Common first names are Jacob and Robert. Thanks, Lon Dittrick: led500@stratos.net

Tom Bombaci, Jr. Sun 26 Jul 1998
Seek ancestry of George WAFFLE (aka Hans Joggi WEIBEL), born 1730/31 in Switzerland (?); married Maria Esther SIEBER and died in Montgomery County, NY in 1787. Children: Johann, Catherine, Adam, William, Magdaline, Johann, Anna, Serverinus, Elizabeth. Happy to receive/share information. Thanks! Tom Bombaci, Jr. 60006 Cantina Acres, Grants NM 87020-9644; roadrunr@7cities.net

Penny Kresl Sun 26 Jul 1998
Hi. I am looking for the burial place of Elder John WILLIAMS, Baptist Minister and descendant of Roger Williams of RI. In the Vol 2 of Roger Williams Descendant's, it says Elder John Williams is buried at Miller's MIlls. I am not sure what cemetery? Can someone find that or tell me if there are any indexed cemeteries for Miller's Mills. I am a descendant through Elsie Ann Williams, his granddaughter. She married my ggg- grandfather James CHAMBERLAIN. I will be happy to do lookups for any Williams families in the area that descend from Elder John and other's that settled in the area. Many settled in Herkimer and Chenango Co's, NY. Thank you, Penny Kresl

Marita Brewer-Lee Sun 26 Jul 1998
Joshua FREDENBURG / VREDENBURG, said to have been born in Herkimer Co., married Ruth FREEMAN in abt. 1800. The first of their children were born in Danube, Herkimer Co. NY., then they were in Montgomery Co NY. In 1810 they resided in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co. NY. After 1820 they were in LeRay, and Pamelia in Jefferson Co. NY. I am searching for ancestors and descendants of Joshua and Ruth Freeman--Fredenburg. Marita Brewer-Lee  Email:MaritaDido@aol.com

Jerelyn Leinweber Sat 25 Jul 1998
Greetings! Seeking info about CATLIN, Solomon C. V., born in Euphrata, then Montgomery Co., on 6 Sep 1831 to James J. and Johanna (AYRES) Catlin. CATLIN, James I. or J. and Johanna (Ayres) Catlin of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY selling 15 acres in Palatine on 24 Nov 1823 to John EDWARDS of Town of Johnstown. Wits. Thomas R. Benedict & Asa Catlin. My name is Jerelyn Leinweber and my e-mail address is: gjlein@ix.netcom.com

Ron Babcock Sat 25 Jul 1998
Greetings, I am researching the BABCOCK Loyalists of Herkimer County, N.Y. and also Albany, Orange and Rockland Counties. I need to find the grave site of a Sarah Babcock who is supposed to be buried in a Herkimer county cemetery. Are there any cemetery grave transcriptions and if so, where could I get access to them. I believe she was buried in early 1800's. Thanks, Ron Babcock , Bflo, N.Y. Email at ronniebeee@aol.com (Note: we have a large list of cemetery transcriptions. at http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyherkim/cemeteries.html. Click next to the tombstone on our front page.)

Susan Ward Merk Sat 25 Jul 1998
Looking for info on Edward LYON, son of Seth (1846 - Kingston, ON) and Charlotte (RICHARDS) Lyon who would have settled in Dolgeville, NY after moving from Forestport, NY. Siblings were Naaman, Harriet, Anna, Elizabeth, Stella and Mary. Susan Ward Merk Email:sbmerk@aol.com

Bill Barton Thu 23 Jul 1998
I am searching for information on Jonathan TUBBS and descendants. He was born 8 Sept 1746 in Lyme, CT and died 2 Dec 1812. My information says his will was probated 19 Nov 1816 at Canajoharie, Montgomery Co. NY. He also served in the Militia, 17th Regiment during the Revolutionary War. Can you advise me the best way to obtain a copy of will and probate papers? Bill Barton

Note:I advised Bill that wills info can be requested of the Montgomery County Historical Society and the courthouse. There will be a charge for copies. Both are listed in our historical societies section. The SAMPUBCO company also has wills for sale and searchable listings. The address is in our commercial books section. If you're fortunate to have a date, you're half-way there.)

Peggy E. Cotton Thu 23 Jul 1998
Am researching family and ancestors of Epenetus and Eve PLATT. They are buried in Salisbury (Manheim), Herkimer Co., NY. He died 11 Nov. 1829 and she died 17 Aug. 1844. Want to exchange information. Thank you. Peggy Cotton 930 Vanguard Austin, TX 78734  E-mail: peg@texas.net

Rebecca Hartman-Baker Thu 23 Jul 1998
Henry HARTMAN, my great-grandfather married Emma Mae LESTER, and they lived in Canajoharie. I don't know if Henry had a middle name, but he died "young" and left E. Ma (she didn't like the name Emma and went by Mae) a widow with two sons, Jack and my grandfather Lester SEABURY HARTMAN. Les married Hilda GROFF BUYCE. I was told when I was a child that the "N" fell off of "Hartmann" into the ocean when grandfather Hartman came to America from Germany. I would like information about all of these ancestors and especially where in Germany we originated. My name is Rebecca Hartman-Baker. Email: nebaker@greene.xtn.net

Mary Eagleson Thu 23 Jul 1998
Is Robert EVANS born 1795 the son of Isaac Evans. I find Isaac Evans listed on LDS list. States Montgomery, Fonda as christening place. Is Robert Evans, born 1795, listed in any schedules in Montgomery Co.? Mary Lou Eagleson Email: lulu@jadeinc.com

Patricia L. Eager Tue 21 Jul 1998
Someone told me there is an EAGER cemetery in Montgomery county. There are over 70 burials. If you know of this cemetery, I would like some information. My questions are: Is Eager the name of the cemetery? What is the location of the cemetery? Patricia L. Eager. Email: PEager1996@aol.com

Becky Hoff Mon 20 Jul 1998
Researching the family of Cornelius ACKER who first appears in Warren census 1810. Known children: Henry and Michael Sr. Michael Sr. and wife Mary PHILLIPS' children are Cornelius, Michael Jr. and Hannah. Becky Hoff at THoff57416@aol.com

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