Herkimer/Montgomery County Queries for May 1 - 15, 1998

Alan D. Robinson Fri 15 May 1998
Isaac G. ROBINSON (1814-1893) lived in Glen, NY from the early 1840's (?) to 1853. He was a stone mason by trade and ran for the position of Voting Inspector in 1853. Catherine PEFFER (1813-1892) was Isaac's wife. Daniel and Susan Robinson were Isaac's parents. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Dana O'Meara Thu 14 May 1998
I am looking for information on the families of Johann(John) NEUHOFF and Maria (Mary) MELLEN. They were married at Lutheran Trinity Church of Stone Arabia in 1811. They had the following known children: Magdalena (Helen) b. 1811, Levi b. abt 1811, Peter b. 1816, Joseph Lansow b. 1830 all in Palatine. The Neuhoff name can be Neuhoff/ Niehoff/ Nihoff/ Nyhoff/ Nyhoof. I would love to hear from any Neuhoff or Mellen descendants. Dana O'Meara   Email:omeara@chesapeake.net

Jim McKinney Wed 13 May 1998
George and wife Susan KERSHAW appeared on 1850 and 1855 census of Livingston County, NY and stated they were both born in Montgomery Co. Ages in 1855 were 42 and 45 making his birthdate around 1813 and hers 1810. Their eldest child age 17 in 1855 was born in Livingston County. Their children on the 1855 census were Peter F., Caroline E., Sarah E. and Tunis B. George was a farmer. Jim McKinney

Tom Robertshaw Wed 13 May 1998

The DEY and DYE and PERRINE families of Root, Montgomery Co. in the early to mid 1800's are related to my Dye/Dey family of NJ and of Allegheny Co., NY and of Venango co., PA. Our listserv group, named The Dye Society, has banded together to research our roots, and welcome anyone to join in! Tom Robertshaw

Becky Hoff Tue 12 May 1998
Researching the families of Cornelius ACKER, b. in Holland and first appears in 1810 Census in Warren, N.Y. Children of his believed to be Henry Acker, b. 1805 in Springfield, Otsego Co., N.Y. and Michael Sr. born in New York. Michael Sr. married Mary PHILLIPS, daughter of William Phillips who also lived in Warren 1810. The known children of Michael Sr. and Mary were Hannah b. 1810 married Estrus LANE, Cornelius b. March 15, 1817 married Mary Jane RANDALL and Maria GOULD, and Michael Jr., b. March 22, 1832 in N.Y. married Hannah ? and Christina SPENCER SCHUYLER. There was possibly another son William. The children of Michael Sr. and Mary Acker moved to Michigan beginning in 1838. Any info please reply to Becky Hoff at Thoff57416@aol.com

KerryAnne Tremblay Tue 12 May 1998
KerryAnne Tremblay has sent in the obits of Francis J. RIDDELL, former Frankfort blacksmith, and her ggg-grandfather Jonas TARBUSH. Check it out for her query about Jonas.

Revae Leppanen Sat 9 May 1998
Subject: PETERY (PETRIE), PIERCE Vital Records: Hello, I need advice on where to look for birth records and parentage of Catherine (Anna Catherine) Petery (Petri, Petrie) born 17 Dept. 1828 in Little Falls, Herkimer. NY. She died in CA. She married Solomon Terry Pierce in I believe, NY, ca 1843. Marriage record? He was born in NY ca 1821. Cannot locate where or his parentage. As my gr-grandfather, Solomon's son appeared to have some Indian features, could you tell me what tribes may have been around Little Falls in Herkimer Co. or perhaps Montgomery Co.? Perhaps this is a clue I need to pursue. I have utilized FHC using IGI and Ancestor file to no avail. I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thank you. Revae Leppanen; Email:phinn@pacific.net

Douglas Schmidt Sat 9 May 1998
Looking for information on Adolph SCHMIDT who was naturalized as a citizen in the early 1900's from 1913-1919. He had some relatives in Herkimer county and he and those relatives came from somewhere in Russia. The information from a relative in Herkimer reads something like this:

"The cousin I think of my grandfather who lived in Herkimer is: Matthew URICH
His mother - Mary Schmidt, Cousin or Aunt of Adolph Schmidt
His father - Ferdinand URICH (some papers spell it Uhrich)
Born in Russia and the boundary lines of the country were different then. They were under Russian rule. "

"My mother's maiden name, Woxch born 1889 (later the last name was written Wosh)
Her father was Michael WOSCH
Her mother's maiden name was Clara CAUOSA. Same birthplace Russia. "

Thanks for any help in this matter. We are trying to pin down where in Russia they were from and the only link we have is Herkimer. Doug Schmidt; Email:dkschmidt@earthlink.net

Nancy Donald Sat 9 May 1998
NEWBERRY, Lena or Lulu of Cold Brook, N. Y. I would like information on Lena Newberry or her mother Lulu Newberry. I believe that Lena was a teacher. She had a friend who was an artist by the name of Grace Paul. Any information of these people or their home in Cold Brook, N. Y. would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance, Nancy Donald; E-mail: donald.ca@sympatico.ca

George C. Upton Sat 9 May 1998
My grandfather Edwin UPTON lived in Mohawk from about 1910 to death in 1919. Seek any information about address, occupation, activities, etc. George C. Upton; Email:GCUpton@aol.com

Richard Smith Sat 9 May 1998

Seeking other descendants of James STEVENSON & Catharine (GORDON) who came from NJ to Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY by 1792. Known children: Lydia Hepziba; Nancy (Ann); Isaac B. 1789; William; Abigail; Lewis Gordon Stevenson. Connecting family names were BRITTON; BENTON; HOWARD; WILSON; BEEBE; PORTER Richard Smith; Email: HelenL9748@aol.com

George J. Chambers Fri 8 May 1998
Were there two Cornelius LAMBERSONs (or LAMBERTSON) in Herkimer Co. at the beginning of the 19th century? Hardin (A History of Herkimer County, pp 317-318), identifies a Cornelius with seven sons and a daughter (?) Addison. Elsewhere, there is a male ADDISON residing in Herkiner Co. Cornelius resided with his grandson Joshua W. Lamberson. Who was Joshua's parents? Siblings? French (1860 Gazetteer of the State of New York, p. 409) claims that a Cornelius resided near Burrells Corners, Whitesburgh, a hamlet in Salisbury about 1778. I need applicable dates (birth, marriage, death, etc.), spouse(s), names of children and any other information regarding the Lamberson (Lambertson) family of Herkimer County. I believe that one Cornelius may have been from Middlesex Co., NJ and would be a gggg-uncle of mine. Will exchange information on the Lambertson/Lamberson families of NY & NJ. Any information would be greatly appreciated. George J. Chambers; Email:gjchambers@aol.com

Gary E. Myer Fri 8 May 1998
HAWN/HAHN. Searching for Hendrick/Henry Hawn/Hahn. Born ca. 1728 in Germany, settled in the Mohawk Valley. Wife Jane. Children (among others?): Hermanus, Mary, Hannah, Rebecca, Eunice. Loyalists. Hendrick and Hermanus fought in Captain Patrick Daly's Co. in the 1st Regt. of the KRRNY. After the Rev. War, they settled in Dundas County, Ontario, Canada. Replies to: Gary E. Myer, gmyer@bcpl.net

Mary Johnson Thu 7 May 1998
I am looking for an ADAMS family who may have lived in Herkimer County in the 1830's or 1840's. They had a son Robert (born about 1827), who married Margrette HILTS, daughter of Solomon Hilts of Herkimer Co. in about 1849. Solomon took his family and Robert & Margrette Adams and went to Illinois. They show up on the 1850 census of St. Charles, Kane Co., IL. I have not been able to determine which Adams family Robert may have come from. His middle name may have been Lester. Mary Johnson; Email: Maryjozy@aol.com

Dave Thu 7 May 1998
Searching for information on a John May WYBLE born in New York August 3, 1779. John's middle name is believed to be his mother's maiden name. I am attempting to find his parents. Any information received will be greatly appreciated. (Note: although county not given, this is a Mohawk Valley surname.)

Daniel Goetz Wed 6 May 1998
SIXBURY, Manasseh, born abt 1670 in Holland or England. He married Pietertje JONKERS, d/o, Jan Janse Jonkers (b. abt. 1680) Sixbury children: Johannes, abt. 1699 Schenectady, N.Y.; Wilhelmus Sixbury, bapt. Jul 13, 1701 Schenectady; Mary Sixbury, abt 1703. Next generation: Wilhelmus Sixbury (1701) and wife Maria Catharina SMIT: children: Anna Lysbet, bapt. Jan 19, 1724; Manasseh, born Sep 23, 1725, Schenectady, N.Y.; Adam, bapt. May 21, 1732; Cornelius, bapt Jan 26, 1734, Schenectady, N.Y. Next generation: Adam (1732) and wife Annatje OLIN, children: Willem, bapt. Aug 26, 1758; Maria, bapt. Feb 1, 1769; Alida, bapt. Dec 19, 1770; Catrina, born Apr 10, 1772; Annatje, bapt. Jan 20, 1780. Cornelius Sixbury (bapt 1734 s/o Wilhelmus) married Maria Olin (sister of Annatje). Children: Cornelius Sixbury Jr., born abt. 1765 at Caughnawaga (Fonda, N.Y.) I found a record in the Reformed Church of Fonda in which Cornelius married Mary BECKWITH on Nov 23, 1787. Alida, bapt. Dec 23, 1769; Benjamin, bapt. Oct 25, 1775. MY gg-grandmother is Jennetta Sixbury, born at Little Falls, Montgomery Co. N.Y. Anyone with Sixbury kin please contact Daniel GOETZ; E-mail: fritzxtc@aol.com

Lucille Wattles Tue 5 May 1998
I would like to find more information about Belcher WATTLES who lived in German Flatts about 1800-1815. Belcher and his wife, Sarah, owned land there which they sold in 1815. Property in the Town of German Flatts was sold to James WIGHTMAN and wife, Hannah. Drawn up 8 Jan. 1811; Recorded 15 June 1815. A second piece of property in the Town of German Flatts was sold to Isham MORGAN. Drawn up 8 June 1815; Recorded 8 June 1815. Also, in 1822 Denison Wattles purchased property from Isaac GILLET. Belcher Wattles is in the Census for 1800 and 1810, but not in 1820. Does anyone have information about this family? Lucille Wattles, E-mail LucyRW@aol.com.

Robert E. Zoller Tues 5 May 1998
BORT:I am interested in obtaining information on the Bort family of Herkimer County. I have traced the family back to John Bort (1777-1863) and Jemina Bort (abt 1779-1823) and second wife Polly Dodge (FILER) (1784-1859) and who settled in Paines Hollow. I have pictures of several of the family and some which I would like to identify. I have charts and information and would be happy to share this with anyone who is interested. Bob Zoller, 4060 Hawthorne Cir., Longmont, CO. 80503, Email: rez2@juno.com

Robert E. Zoller Tues 5 May 1998
FILER: I am interested in obtaining information on the FILER family of Herkimer County. I have traced the family back to John Filer (died 1822) and son Alanson Filer (1774-1823) and wife Polly DODGE (1784-1859) who settled in Paines Hollow. I have pictures of several of the family and some which I would like to identify. I have charts and information and would be happy to share this with anyone who is interested. Bob Zoller, 4060 Hawthorne Cir., Longmont, CO. 80503, 303-702-9609, Email: rez2@juno.com

Robert E. Zoller Tues 5 May 1998
ORENDORFF: I am interested in obtaining information on the Orendorff family of Herkimer County. I have traced the family back to Johann Friedrich Orendorff (abt 1720-1802), son: Frederick Orendorff (1758-1823), and grandson: Frederick Orendorff (1793-1851) all of German Flatts. I have charts and information and would be happy to share this with anyone who is interested. Bob Zoller, 4060 Hawthorne Cir., Longmont, CO. 80503, Email: rez2@juno.com

Jim Fralick Mon 4 May 1998
Looking for any information on Jacob FRALICK and wife Catherine VROMAN who lived in the Mohawk Valley, assume Herkimer Co. approx. 1790-1804. They had a son Adam Fralick born 1804 in Herkimer/Montgomery Co. Send response to Jim Fralick at jfralick@gisco.com

Cliff Whitney Mon 4 May 1998
Percy WHITNEY, my great-grandfather, lived at Kast Bridge with his family in 1880. (1880 US census) I am searching for his father's name. Your web site is wonderful....thank you. Cliff Whitney, 6614 Candlewood Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210   Email: Mrcliff@mindspring.com

Robert E. Zoller Fri 1 May 1998; posted 5/3
ZOLLER: I am interested in obtaining information concerning the Zoller (Zollinger) Family of Montgomery and Herkimer Counties. Four original Brother's settled in the area by the names of Andreas (Andrew) Zollinger, Casper Zollinger, Jacob Zollinger (killed in the Battle of Oriskany, 1777) and Henry Zollinger. I am descended from Jacob (died 1847) Zoller & Elizabeth HAMAN (died 1861). Jacob was possibly the son of Casper Zollinger (Zoller) - but I have no proof. I have many of these families recorded with charts, etc. with the good help of Mrs. Carolyn (John) Zoller of Little Falls and several others. Bob Zoller, 4060 Hawthorne Cir., Longmont, Colo. 80503, Email:rez2@juno.com   Thanks for your help ! Thank you for such a wonderful Web Page on Herkimer County !!

Ken &Toni Cannon Sun 3 May 1998
Subject: SMITH/MAXWELL: I am looking for any info on the family of John Edward Smith b. Jan. 6, 1869 in Essex, NY. He married Isabelle Maxwell abt 1889 in Amsterdam NY. Both he and Isabelle are buried in Hagaman NY. Thank you. Toni Smith-Cannon  Email: k-t.cannon@worldnet.att.net

William E. Widrig Sat 2 May 1998
I am a descendent of the WIDRIG family that came to East Schuyler in 1765 with Peter Hasenclever. My branch of the family descended from George Widrig who was born Jan, 15 1740, in Wurtemburg, Germany and died July 17, 1830. He fought at the battle of Oriskany with Col. Peter Bellinger's unit (4th Tryon County Militia) under the direct command of Captain Jacob Widrig and alongside Michael and Conrad Widrig. George was also a member of the NY State assembly from Herkimer County from 1801-1807 and was a General of the Militia during the War of 1812. George had several children and the 4th, John, born Sept. 12, 1784 moved to Ellisburg, NY. My family has been in that area since. I am looking for any information on the Widrig family history in the East Schuyler - Herkimer County area including Cemetary records. William E. Widrig

Sonny Vanderpool Sat 2 May 1998
VANDERPOOL/VANDERPOEL: Seeking information on the Vanderpool surname and its variants. At one time there were several people of this name in Montgomery and Herkimer counties. Information is needed for publication in the Vanderpool Newsletter and to update my file of 20,000 names. Will gladly share information. Contact Sonny Vanderpool   Email:sonnyvdp@logantele.com

Ron Ludington Fri 1 May 1998
I understand that the LUDINGTON family was well represented in your area in the early 1800's and before that too. Do you or anyone in your area have any info on the origins of that family? Ron Ludington

Denise Youngen Fri 1 May 1998
Trying to find information on John DE LYNE (DE LINE) born about 5 Jun 1821 in Johnstown, Montgomery Co. NY. His father's name was John also and he was also born in Montgomery CO. Supposedly the grandfather was John or Benjamin and came to the U.S. with Lafayette and he served in the Tryon Co. militia. John (b. 1821) married Harriet Phebe NORTON 12 Mar 1844. They had the following children; (the first 5 born in Baldwinsville, NY):

  1. Augusta Annetta b. 10 Mar 1847 married Francis Albert WEED
  2. Elizabeth H. b. 1 Sep 1850 married Thomas EMERICK
  3. Lillian F. b. 16 Aug 1852 married William PRINE
  4. FLora W. b 1 Sep 1859; never married
  5. Harvey M. b. 16 Feb 1864, never married
  6. Alice Maude b. 23 Feb 1867 in Canandaiuga, NY

    Thanks. Denise Youngen   Email: GoBlue@toast.net

    Lawrence Metcalf Fri 1 May 1998
    I am research the METCALF family looking for info on Nathan Metcalf. He settled in town of Salisbury in 1794, Herkimer County. I would appreciate any info on him and his descendants. Thank you.

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