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Kathy Guthrie Mon Mar 24 1997
I am researching the ECKER family. I have Johannes, Adam and Jacob, sons of Johannes Sr., prior to 1790 in Montgomery Co., NY. Adam's family attended Dutch Reformed Church of Stone Arabia, Palatine, NY. Adam's son Abraham married a Mary Smith WOHLGEMUTH. Anyone with any information on either Ecker or Wohlgemuth please contact. Have much info to share.

George E. Schafer Sat Jul 26 1997
Seek information on Lucinda WOOD lived German Flatts, Herkimer Co. 1780-1800 m. Waitstill HASTINGS abt 1795-1801. Waitstill b. 1771 in Hatfield, MA. Seek ancestry of Lucinda and marriage info.

Steve Lay Mon Sep 30 1996
Looking to share information on the WOODBURY family in West Winfield circa 1820 through 1890. Additional family lines include GUILD, WATERS, RISING, and GATES.

Kenneth Wood Sat 5 Apr 1997; revised April 6
My great-grandparents, Alfred WOOD ( b1839 ) and Ossay ( b 1847 ) came from Herkimer, NY and ran a general store and bake shop in Selby, Ont. sometime after 1887 . They had eleven children:

Alfred and Ossay came up to Selby, Lennox and Addington County, in Ontario Canada sometimes after 1887 (they are not listed in the 1887 Lennox and Addington Atlas). I know that John, Truman, and Allen lived there also. I believe that Fred was a barber in Boonville, and his son followed his trade, just retiring within the last decade. My grandfather Allen owned a cheese factory (found recently to be Canada's oldest) in Selby until his death in the 1950s. His youngest son, my uncle Gerald Wood, went down to a relative's cheese factory in Herkimer County back in the 1930s or 1940s to learn cheese making. He and my father, Dorland Wood, worked in the Selby Cheese Factory when they were young. When I was a child in the 1950s, we visited my father's cousin George Wood, in Rome NY from time to time. They had a cottage on Fifth Lake in the Fulton Chain near Old Forge NY where we vacationed once or twice. Thanks again for your interest. Sincerely, Kenneth Wood. woodman@ihorizons.net

Kim Branagan Sun Jul 6 1997
Leander WOOD(W)ARD was born in Herkimer Co., NY, in 1806 and died in Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY in 1882. He married Almira HUBBARD about 1840. Almira was born in Winfield, Oneida Co., NY, in 1812. Her parents were Francis Hubbard and Mary Mann. Francis was from the Sunderland/Hatfield, MA, Hubbard family. Trying to prove that Ozias WOOD(W)ARD and Nancy HUBBARD (who lived in Winfield, Oneida Co., and sold property in Herkimer Co., NY, in 1817 and 1828) are parents of Leander. Leander and Ozias both later appeared in Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY.

Shirley Hartman Sat 4 Jan 1997
Looking for info on WORMOOD/WERMUTH/WORMWOOD/WOERMUTH/WORMOUTH and other variations. Settled in the Mohawk Valley Region in the early 1700s or before and served in Rev War and War of 1812. Members married into the DIFFENBACH, FOX, WABEL, and CASSIDY families in the Stone Arabia area. I'm trying to connect to the Wisconsin family of my grandfather's. Common first names include Johannes/John, Elisabeth/Elizabeth, William, Catherina/Catherine, Peter, and initials "N" and "C". Have lots on WORMOOD/WERMUTH/etc. there (info in Montgomery 1700s) but trying to connect it to Lake Geneva WI in the late 1800s . Thanks for your help. Please e-mail SHart521@aol.com.

Douglas V. Smith Thu Apr 10 1997
Searching for dates and places of death and burial of Margaret (STARING) WOHLEBEHN, wife of Abraham WOHLEBEN. She was born 1783 German Flatts and they married 1802 Herkimer.

Julia O. Joaquin Mon 17 Mar 1997
Listed on the 1790 census of Montgomery Co in the town of Canajoharie there is listed John WRIGHT. 1 female and 3 males under 16. Does anyone have any information on this family? I am tracing John Wright whose son James was b 1794 with possibility of older siblings. My John ended up in Allegany Co. Possibly he was migrating from VT. THank you. Julia

Patricia Koch Sun May 4 1997
I am researching the descendants and ancestors of Jacob WRIGHT b. Sept. 1789 d. 14 Feb 1864 and his wife, Christina MOYER, b.c. 1788 d. 9 Mar 1876. They resided at Minden, Montgomery and Stark, Herkimer. Children surviving at the time of Jacob's death were Christina VROOMAN, Elizabeth SHOEMAKER, Isaac WRIGHT (my direct line), Charity PINCKNEY, Maria SLOUGHTER, Henry F. Wright, George A. Wright, Sally Wright, Jacob J Wright of Oswego County, Joannah HOKE of Minden, and John Wright.

Nan Dixon Tue Jul 29 1997
Jacob WRIGHT, son of Isaac and Ottilia (WAGNER) REIT (note name spelling change) was b probably Tryon Co area 29 Jul 1755. He m Elisabeth EMPEY. They had children Joseph, Delia, Mary, Catharine, and Isaac all born between 1776 and 1784. Need all particulars of Elisabeth EMPEY/EMPIE/EMIGH. Would like spouses and children for the children. Will gladly share information.

Nan Dixon Sat Jan 25 1997
Descendants only for Ottilia (WAGNER)(see WAGNER query above) aka Delia (Wagner) PLANK She married three times. With her second husband, Isaac REIT, she had two known children, Johannes and Jacob WRIGHT (note name change). Any marriage or children for Johannes Wright? Jacob Wright, b 29 Jul 1755, m. Elisabeth and/or Barbara EMPEY/EMIGE/EMISCHE/EMSLIR. Need date and location of marriage. Isaac Wright, b 18 Mar 1784, son of Jacob Wright above, married Christina (---) and/or Catharine BLITZ/PLAZ/PLATZ. Need date and place of marriage.



Carol Perry Tue Jun 10 1997
Update from March 1997. New names have been offered toward my family tree. Looking for information on any surname COOL, BORST, along with YOUNG (S)/CRONEY. Particularly Hattie Young and her father and mother's family. Her father was Angus Young and her mother Kate BORST PICKART Young and lastly McLEAN. Most importantly I am looking for a sibling born September 26, 1930 Newark, NY. Born Betha Irene Young to Hattie Young. Removed from mother and placed in foster care with Edna Lathrop, Mohawk, NY, prior to adoption around 1934ish. If any one knows who this lady is today please contact me. She is 66 years old and still has living siblings lookiing. (Note: See March 5 Young query)

Carol Perry Wed 05 Mar 1997
CRONEY/YOUNG - Herkimer County: I have some sketchy family history to share but am also looking for help. My mother was born in Stark, NY 1927 along with 2 brothers, one older and one younger: Henry Richard Croney, Jr b. 1925; Etta (Ettie) Letto Young or Croney b. 1927; Joseph Young or Croney b. 1929. Not sure of marriage certificate of parents but court records found in my mother's possession say they were married in 1924??

In 1930 these 3 children were removed from their home by Department of Public Welfare Court House Herkimer, NY. An Oct 9 1953 a letter to my mother states "there is no history and no information at all. As this was a case in 1930, 23 years ago, and we have no leads to help. There are notes however that in 1939 there was an attempt by someone to find out more about the case, no results." However there are court records stating the removal of these children. The letter further states "after Joseph was placed in the institution he died of pneumonia which followed an attack of whooping cough. There is a record that Henry Richard was boarded in a family in the neighborhood. Our card mentions that the family came from the village of Starkville."

My mother was eventually placed in State Charities Aid Assoc. NY and then adopted. Sometime in 1953 she went to Herkimer to visit the courthouse and I have notes she jotted down, for example: Ms. XXX RIPPLE, Little Falls, Alexandria St; Mr. XXX HOLK, Jordanville; and info of her dad in Middletown Inst. It hints that Ms. Ripple may have been a relative as she states that they all looked like herself. She also states that paperwork at the courthouse stated that Hattie Young mother, after 1930, brought a small baby girl to Public Welfare in Herkimer and requested they place her as they did the others. We later found out that the oldest boy spent his childhood with his dad "working the farm" - Sweetclover Farms. We found him 2 years ago living in Fla. What I need to know is - does Herkimer County Court House still exist? Are records available? We would like to find this female child and any other siblings if possible.

Mark A. Young Tue 28 Jan 1997
I am searching for the parents of Abraham M. YOUNG, son of Hessian/Prussian father and a Scottish mother. He was born in New York State in 1801 in the Mohawk Valley. Since the father was German, the surname could very well have been "JUNG", later anglicized to "Young".


Joyce Howard Tue 31 Dec 1996
ZIMMERMAN/TIMMERMAN/HERKIMER: Interested in information on Henry HERKIMER b. 1764, m. Catherine ZIMMERMAN. They had son Alonzo Herkimer who m. Mary FRAZEY. I have no info at all on Mary's parents. Have Herkimer line traced fairly well back to George b. ca 1650/70..wife Magelena ? He was born Sandhausen, Germany.

I'm also also looking for info on Anna PETRIE bap. 1700, m. Johan H. bef. 1722. She was the daughter of Johannes PETRIS and Anna Von RINGH. No other info on them. Capt. Hendrick Herkimer m. Catherine DYGERT??? No other info on her family.

We have had this family line rather at the bottom of our list and have decided that it was time to find out about the mother's side of the family. Her father was an ATWOOD and her grandfather married Emeline Herkimer. We really don't have much info on any of these allied lines. Would be happy to exchange any info I have. Thanks very much! Joyce Howard, Sun Lakes, Arizona.

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